Hiroshi McDonald Mori

[4: 画像:Simulacrum] through Mar 10

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Images: Philipp Scholz Rittermann

March 10

Alexandro Segade of My Barbarian and current artist Hiroshi McDonald Mori will host a performance in conversation. Please join us this Sunday at 2pm in the warehouse gallery for the event. Mori and Segade have previously worked together, and the latter also taught Mori at Bard in the MFA program.

Alexandro Segade is assistant professor of art at UCSD. Segade served as cochair of Film/Video at Bard College MFA from 2014-2020, was a distinguished lecturer in New Genres at Hunter College, and has taught at Parsons, The New School, Cooper Union, Columbia, NYC; and University of Southern California, LA. He holds an MFA in Interdisciplinary Studio Art at UCLA.

read Segade's bio here | Mori's CV here

March 16

Oolong Gallery presents a major group exhibition in collaboration with the Brown Studio architecture firm in Leucadia, CA. Their atelier building on the 101 includes a gallery (State of the Art, SOTA) and a garden which will be transformed into an exhibition and art party site from 5-9pm on Saturday, March 16. The Oolong warehouse will host a large scale salon style main exhibition (opening from 12-4pm) for the duration of the joint shows through April 20, with proceeds going to an environmental cause from mostly small and medium scale work on view. The group show theme loosely focuses on the fleeting character of pre-gentrified Leucadia in North County, SD: a natural, spiritual, and funky coastal enclave of splendor, elements of which the Brown Studio also appropriate into their design concepts. Their portfolio includes the gallery building itself that Oolong launched in June of 2022 in Solana Beach, CA, two coastal towns south.

A percentage of proceeds from the sale of art works in both galleries and the online viewing room will go to: Solana Center

Founded as Solana Recyclers in 1983, we are proud to have pioneered the first comprehensive curbside recycling program in San Diego - and one of the first such programs in the State of California. Together with our partners, we work creatively to promote the sustainable management of our natural resources and connect the community to real solutions. The San Diego region is constantly changing, and we change with it.

pacific coast hwy 101 circa 2000:

Nick Aguayo

Markus Bacher · Scott M Cassidy

Alida Cervantes · Claire Dunn

Katie Douglass · Sylvia Fernandez

Victoria Fu / Matt Rich · Munro Galloway 

Matthew Clifford Green · Stephanie Guerrero

 Dave Kinsey · Dan Levenson · Brian Lotti 

Stephen McClintock · Lorena Mostajo · Jann Nunn

Oliver Payne · Stephanie Pryor · Christian Olid-Ramirez

Lecia Dole-Recio · Ron Reihel · SHDOPP

Alexandro Segade · Carlos Valencia


Todd Anderson · Chris Baas

Philip Badal · Heimir Björgúlfsson

Mark Chamness · Michael Decker · Peter Demos

Derrick Disney · Jacob Ells · Timothy Page Ernst

Kaori Fukuyama · Rob Gutierrez · Christine Hendershaw

 Sophie Henry · Daniel Hicks · Bianca Juarez · Eric Merrell

Lindsey Nobel · Justin Olerud · Christian Garcia-Olivo

Amy Pachowicz · Philipp S Rittermann · Peter Stearns

Nate Tyler · Michael Upton · Leslye Villanseñor

Matthew T Williams · Lizzie Zelter

Mar 16

Oolong Gallery & 

The Brown Studio | State of the Art

invite you to a

Garden Art Party @SOTA 5-9 pm

1144 N Coast Hwy 101 Encinitas CA 92024

+ Warehouse Show Opens 12-4pm

687 Second St Encinitas CA 92024

March 16

Sally Scopa my tectonics 3.16 to 4.20

a solo show of paintings in the foyer gallery

opening parallel to the warehouse exhibition 12-4pm

Sally Scopa (b. 1990) uses the formal language of painting, which is filled with historically entrenched rules and expectations, to question the equally timeworn standards that govern the female body. While her work critiques mainstream ideas about beauty, it is first and foremost a celebration of the body’s small rebellions, its pleasures and idiosyncrasies. In her paintings, diagrams of cellulite become mountainous landscapes; curiously shaped holes in the earth morph into sensuous pairs of legs; white, abstract grids, upon further inspection, reveal themselves to be plump and inviting mattresses where the viewer’s gaze can come to rest.

Scopa graduated from Harvard University in 2013 with a BA in Visual and Environmental Studies, and from Stanford University in 2019 with an MFA in Art Practice. She has been awarded residencies at the Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture, SOMA in Mexico City, and the Cité internationale des arts in Paris, France. Recent shows include a two-person exhibition at el Museo de la Ciudad (Querétaro, MX) with Carlos Vielma, solo exhibitions at Eve Leibe Gallery (London) and Biquini Wax EPS (Mexico City), as well as group exhibitions at 550 Gallery (New York) Ladies’ Room LA (Los Angeles) and Radio28 (Mexico City). She is based in Bellingham, Washington where she teaches at Western Washington University.

Sally Scopa

Welcome to the Pleasure Archipelago (Oh, Yes), 2022

 acrylic on linen

9 x12 in

Oolong Gallery  

687 2nd St. Encinitas, CA 92024

Telephone +1 858 229 2788