Millwork install

From fun to luxurious, recent lobbies that wow

Not long before the start of the pandemic, Mark Richey Woodworking wrapped up two projects in the residential and hotel sectors. The first, above, brought to life Gensler and Concrete's design, which in part showcased the popular look of exposed plywood edges. The team at Mark Richey created extensive floor to ceiling display shelves in the modern space.

At right, a Stantec and Group One Partners design features a more subdued look of a walnut wood veneer laminate and statuary bronze. This two sided fireplace and display shelf was just part of Mark Richey's efforts. The team also built the reception desk and gorgeous floor to ceiling accent panels in the same veneer laminate and bronze combination.


A unique reconfigurable solution

WallGoldfinger Furniture makes tables that move in a variety of ways. They roll. Tops slide. Tops tilt. Legs come off. They go in compact carts. But with custom furniture, there are always a new challenge just around the corner. Recently designer Tatjana von Stein of Sella Concept in London challenged the WallGoldfinger Furniture team with a new design: tables on rails rather than wheels.

Surely the designer and client will want to share the full details when the project is all complete, but picture two rectangular tables with narrow bases on long track. The tables push together or pull apart to form one long table or two smaller ones when a dividing wall is engaged.

These pictures don’t do these tables justice. Those are faux leather tops, metal edges and painted bases.


When wood choice matters

Mark Richey Woodworking might be known for stunning interiors, but it is also an expert in exterior millwork. Exterior millwork often means one thing: long-lasting, durable ipe wood. But as long as it lasts as decking, its harvesting from Brazilian rainforests has other less desirable, long lasting effects.

Ipe is over-harvested, and often illegally so, and grows in low densities, which means significant, unnecessary deforestation to reach individual trees. As a green manufacturer relying on wind, solar and biomass, Mark Richey, president and co-founder of Mark Richey Woodworking and the man behind the company’s sustainable efforts, is hoping architects make different choices.

Black locust and sassafras are two alternatives that he highly recommends. Both are rot-resistant North American hardwoods and far more sustainable choices. Black locust is also hailed as fast growing.

A Google search netted the images above, but images found admittedly vary significantly in look. Designers seeking alternatives to ipe are encouraged to reach out to the Mark Richey team at 978.499.3800 or The team can work with its amazing solid wood suppliers to provide physical samples of alternatives and talk more about options.

New product line

Simplicity Collection café, laptop and training tables

WallGoldfinger Furniture is offering a new line of competitively priced café, laptop and training tables. 
The new Simplicity Collection is meant to complement existing lines and custom offerings, allow more businesses and organizations to include WallGoldfinger furniture in their new construction and redesign plans, put a name to popular previously custom café table design, and expand overall offerings.
Featuring modern pedestal, T- and C-bases in black or chrome-plated, Simplicity Collection tables are available in a neutral palette of veneers, plastic laminates, cast acrylic and, for a modern twist, birch core phenolic. Training tables are available with integrated power and UL-listed daisy chaining. Café tables can be upgraded by adding metal edges.

COVID update

A grateful company returning to 'normal'

Mark Richey Woodworking and WallGoldfinger Furniture never closed due COVID. The factory was deemed an essential business and kept manufacturing. Office staff worked at home for a bit. Woodworkers spread out by working split shifts. Everyone wore masks, took temperatures, washed and sanitized hands, stayed away from one another and, as much as possible, stayed within their departments.

If folks felt sick, even with a sniffle, they stayed home. Few actually contracted COVID and none contracted COVID from inside company walls. There were no outbreaks or spreads. And anyone who stayed home sick was paid.

Today, 90 percent of staff are vaccinated, masks are starting to come off, sales travel is starting to resume and visitors are increasingly stopping by by appointment, including the school children shown above who recently visited our wind turbine – the first such visit since 2019 before the start of cold weather months and then the pandemic.

It’s hard to feel happy when many have suffered, but still there is excitement over fewer hindrances to everyday life.

“It’s a huge sigh of relief that we’re on our way out of this,” said Greg Porfido, our chief operating officer who we spoke to for this update. “We’re grateful that our team has done so well in terms of health and wellbeing, and that we’ve survived intact as a business.”

The factory has experienced a consistent, and growing, flow of work that has kept staff busy and often working overtime throughout the pandemic. With more returning to offices in the coming months, the hope is for greater growth.

But as exciting as it is to get back to “normal,” with it also comes welcome change. During the pandemic, Teams meetings have become a crucial communication mechanism. The convenience of chatting with clients or colleagues while pulling up drawings and images to review in real time has been life altering. Like email and all of the other technologies that change and then dominate work practices, virtual meetings are very much here to stay.

The flexibility for work at home days for office staff when needed, such as for a mid-day appointment or minor illness, also means less time lost and increased productivity.