THANK YOU from Whitman Food Pantry
A HUGE thank you to the Whitman residents, the girl scouts, our town letter carriers and our food pantry volunteers for a successful NALC food drive on Saturday, May 11th. A total of 8152 pounds of food was donated by our generous Whitman residents and collected by all of our volunteers!  A shout out is due to Dunkin' for their generosity in donating the coffee and donuts and muffins and to Papa Gino's for their pizza donations as well. Food insecurity is rampant these days and this food drive will help us get through the summer. Thank you Whitman!
Tina Ouellette
Whitman Food Pantry, Food Drive Coordinator
Submitted via email
Historical Tidbit:
As the economy of Whitman grew, the historic commercial core, centered along Washington Street and the sections of Temple Street and South Avenue near their shared intersection with Washington Street, also expanded. Washington Street was laid out in 1690 connecting Abington and Weymouth. The cross street, Temple Street/South Avenue connects with Brockton (west) and Hanson (east). The 1857 Walling map shows that the area around Washington Street and South Avenue were already densely developed with a mix of residential and commercial buildings, including the homes of
members of the Gurney family, J. Corthell, W. P. Corthell, Dr. F. F Forsyth, F. Holbrack’s furniture store, N. N. Dyer’s store, a livery stable, and the Baptist and Second Congregational churches. Commercial buildings constructed before the middle of the 19th century were generally free-standing, single-story shops and two-story, gable-roofed buildings with commercial spaces on the first floor and residential and office spaces above; this building type persisted through the end of the 19th century. Examples of this type of building in the Whitman Center area are the F.H. Gurney Building, 23 South Avenue (ca. 1850), the G. A. Reed Building, 564 Washington Street (ca. 1850), the Elmer W. Noyes Building, 546 Washington Street (1890), and the D. F. English Building, 12 ½ Temple Street (1895). The L. C. Nash Building, 609 Washington Street (by 1891) was used as a funeral home by Holbrook and Sons undertakers by 1904.
Town Hall

Public Library
M-Th 9:30a-8p; Fri 9:30a- 4:30p;
Sat 9:30a-4 (during school year only)

Council on Aging

St. Vincent de Paul/Whitman Food Pantry
By appointment only: 781-447-8560
Andrea M. Bedard
won a 1 hour Living in the Gift coaching from GleeWorks
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Whitman Annual Town Meeting
May 6, 2024
Video courtesy of WHCA9TV
Whitman Hanson Regional School Committee
May 8, 2024
Video courtesy of WHCA9TV

 Johnny Macaroni's Restaurant

Let Johnny Macs Help You Celebrate!

Eat -In
East Bridgewater & Take -Out from Halifax

eat well * laugh often * love much
Plant Sale
Plant Sale at All Saints Church
44 Park Avenue, Whitman
Saturday May 25
9 to 3. 
There will be tomato and vegetable plants, houseplants, exotics, perennials, shrubs, trees and gardening items. We will be serving strawberry shortcake as well
Thank you
Richard Tingblad
via email
Whitman Select Board
Video courtesy of WHCA9TV
Dr. Chris Jones, Principal of Whitman-Hanson Regional High School:
Everyone is Unique with David Shultz

Dave is a former schoolteacher with 16 years of classroom experience. Dave also has 20 years of teaching experience in untraditional settings. He has a bachelor's degree and two masters degrees in education. While in the classroom, he was certified as a music teacher. He taught Band, Orchestra, Choir, and general music at all levels, preschool through college. Other items he has taught include swimming, Microsoft Office, SAP, Contract Management, Soft Skills, Customer Relationship Management, Presentation Skills, and Computer Skills. He comes from a family of teachers. At one point in time, there were 13 active professional teachers in the family. His spare time is all about his kids.
Key Takeaways:
* Swimming lessons are a good example of the need to differentiate based on levels of readiness.
* The most important aspect of supporting teachers is having resources available.
* Schools should be passing strategies to families for learning to continue at home.
* You engage people by reaching them on an emotional level.
* We need to examine exactly what we are measuring with grades. They are a snapshot in time and reflect much more than what is actually occurring with student learning.
* We have to make use of periodic reviews if we are to expect students to be able to retain information over the long term.
* Use technology in a way that has students creating and solving problems rather than just extensions of traditional methods.
* We have to teach students how to fail and fail correctly without punishing them with grades. It is how you handle failure that makes the difference. The YouTube example for learning.

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Looking for Alumni and Community Members to perform with Concert Band at the High School Graduation

The Whitman-Hanson High School Concert Band is seeking alumni and community members to perform for the High School Graduation on May 31st. If you are interested or know someone who would like to participate, please fill out this Google form or email Brian Rowe at
Robotics Camp at Whitman Hanson HS
for Grades 6 - 8
Monday- Thursday 9 -2 pm
Join one week or them all! Each week is an independent week - long program.

$200 / student per week
7/8 - 8/8/24
For more information, contact : James Kozak
How To Create A Marketing Plan For Your Small Business 5/30

Are you overwhelmed by all the marketing choices for your business? Not sure how or where to spend your time and money? It sounds like you need a marketing plan!

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Climate Can Do:
Green on the Go

One of the biggest contributors to greenhouse gas and carbon emissions in our atmosphere is the use of vehicles: according to Fuel Economy, “Highway vehicles release about 1.5 billion tons of greenhouse gases (GHGs) into the atmosphere each year—mostly in the form of carbon dioxide (CO2)—contributing to global climate change. Each gallon of gasoline you burn creates 20 pounds of GHG. That's roughly 5 to 9 tons of GHG each year for a typical vehicle.”

How we get from one location to another can have a massive impact on our carbon footprints, and our first goal should be to transition into the use of public transportation whenever possible. The type of vehicle we drive is also incredibly important. The use of gasoline has major implications for the climate because of greenhouse gases associated with crude oil and other petroleum liquids. Another environmentally-friendly option would be electric vehicles. Finally, consider making the switch to bikes, e-bikes, and e-scooters to help reduce your carbon footprint (and help you reach your health and fitness goals!).

Ways to Transition to Sustainable Transportation

  • The MBTA and Regional Transit Authorities offer a range of services to help riders travel locally and regionally. 
  • Fixed route services (like the bus and subway) have a reliable regular schedule you can count on and offer discounted fares for seniors and people with disabilities.
  • Learn more about public transport services near you

  • Electric vehicles (EV) are a great way to reduce your greenhouse gas emissions, improve air quality, and reduce the cost of owning a vehicle. 
  • Incentives and financing options may be available to assist you in purchasing an electric vehicle and installing an EV charger at home.
  • Learn about electric vehicles 

  • Reducing our use of gas-powered vehicles is a key step in tackling climate change. Bikes, E-bikes, and E-scooters produce zero emissions and are much less expensive than cars
  • Learn about e-bike benefits 

Written by Noshin Saiyaara, Buzz Around Intern and Wellesley College student.
Together, we can make a difference by taking action to live sustainably. Let's empower ourselves to create a better future for our planet, one step at a time.
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Why Volunteer?
Have you thought of the benefits of volunteering?

Did you know that volunteering is a renewable resource? When you say a kind word, hand someone a meal, or teach a child a skill you are not only sharing a gift you have received, but you are receiving a gift. Gratitude for the help is one of the most powerful and healing gifts you can receive. The more you give gratitude away, the more it comes back to you.

I teach Living in the Gift at Stairway to Recovery, a walk-in place for those serious about wanting to recover from addiction or who need resources. Did you know that when folks who rely on generosity give from their heart, they feel better. Kind words, volunteering to help a neighbor, and other easy gifts, lift everyone's spirits. It energizes, and helps the giver feel valuable. Those who volunteer find it comes back to them in unexpected ways.

Try committing to a local charity and make it a habit of volunteering. You will make meaningful friendships, understand the gratitude of having: a home, money and / or resources to live. It will help you see problems from a different perspective; the benefits are enormous, and when you involve children, or your friends & family, it is a great bonding experience.

Who knows, you might just have a good time and experience the joys of volunteering.
Submitted by Marcy Venezia, CEO MBA, RN, PMP
Whitman Hanson Scholar Athletes Honored by Patriot League

"Congratulations to Blake Belcher and Makenna Marshall for being honored tonight [Tuesday, May 7] by the Patriot League... as Whitman Hanson’s scholar athletes. The guest speaker was Bob Keuther, former principal at Marshfield High School who delivered an inspiring message to our students reminding them to stay focused on the work ethic that has led them to this moment. He also spoke about the importance of valuing all of the little decisions we make every day as they are what shape who we are. Congratulations to Blake who is likely headed to Clemson next year and to Makenna who will continue her soccer career at Iowa State."

Reposted from Whitman Hanson FB
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