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Written by J. Rose
What is Letterboxing?
Never heard of Letterboxing before? It’s a fun outdoor activity for family and friends to participate in. Simply find your clues online at Atlas Quest or Letterboxing.org, and find your stamps! Want to see what it's all about? This documentary outlines the community surrounding and process of finding a letterbox.

Produced by Kendall Beady, a senior at West Bridgewater Middle Senior High School. This film was produced as his final project in Documentary Filmmaking class.
George Sylvester Documentary
George Sylvester has been a long time coach at West Bridgewater Middle-Senior High School. Over the past couple of years, he’s become more involved with the school serving as a substitute teacher and hall monitor. However, we wanted to take a deeper look at George’s life and listen to stories from him and others about his youth, his rise to coaching, his personality, and the relationship he has with his son.

Produced by Thomas Stapleton, a senior at West Bridgewater Middle Senior High School. This film was produced as his final project in Documentary Filmmaking class.
Historical Tidbit:
WB Central Square Soldier's Monument

Erected by the citizens of West Bridgewater In memory of those who lost their lives in The Civil War 1861-65.

35 Feet high granite monument weighing 70 tons.
The monument, on a wide stone platform with short massive corner posts, consists of a base of two stone slabs, then a polished die supporting the
plinth which bears a tall fluted column. Above the column' s cap is sculptured an eagle, wings folded and perched on a globe . The inscription is on the
north face of the die; on its other faces are the names of 31 fallen in the War Between the States. On the plinth' s north side is cut a cannon barrel, draped with a flag ; on the east are an anchor and a coil of rope; on the west are crossed swords and a rifle. The south side displays a wreath of laurel .

 This monument is on or near the site of the town's second church building.

NAMES OF THE FALLEN: Leonard Jones, Hector 0 . Kingman, Wesley D. Lindsey, Francis Lothrop, Michael McMurphy, John Mullen, Charles H . Parker, James M. Pasco, Henry Quinley, Asa F. Shaw, James M. Stetson, Roscoe Tucker, Charles H. Turner, Elijah Withington, James E. Jacobs, Alvin R. Coffin, Capt. John Ripley , Myron E . Alger, Timothy Callahan , Edgar E . Calwell, Melvin Calwell, George Calwell, Martin Cunningham, William Devine, John B. Dunbar, Henry M. Folsom, John B. Gould , Charles H. Hayden, Lyman E . Hayward, Eustace Howard, Nicholas P. Howard. 
As recorded by Charles S. Millet, 1980 in the
Edited by J.Rose
Town Hall

WB Public Library
Council on Aging

Proof of residency is the only requirement.
1st & 3rd Wednesday each month
1:45 - 3p & 5:30 - 6p
457 rear, South Main St., Suite #1
Andrea M. Bedard
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Learn mind-body spirit practices with Marcy Venezia building a foundation for healing.
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Annual Town Meeting
May 6, 2024
Video Courtesy of WB Community Access TV
Board of Selectmen Meeting
May 1, 2024
Video Courtesy of WB Community Access TV
Berwick Boys Foundation Summer Camp

The Berwick Boys Foundation provides a summer camp in Maine, focused on its mission to help teenage boys develop physically, mentally, and morally. Their program highlights the importance of social skills and friendships, hands-on leadership and problem-solving experiences, valuable practical skills like construction and plumbing, and island living, as the camp is located on an island 3 miles off the coast of Maine.
Calling all 12 through 15-year-old boys! Looking for an exciting adventure in Maine?

Camp is July 7-Aug 17. 
All forms in by June 30.
Cost $900, limited scholarships available

Success Starts with Mindset Speaker Series - Cranberry...

Rockland Trust Speaker Series with Jordan Guadalupe / Souibre Wednesday, May 22 8:30 - 9:45 am via Zoom Click HERE All too often, most of us hit psychological barriers to [...]

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You're Invited to The Charity Guild's Friendraiser:
Get Together For Good!
Monday, May 20th at Shovel Town Brewery 50 Oliver Street North Easton, MA~ 5pm
Funds raised at our friendraiser will help us keep our shelves stocked this Spring.
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Meals on Wheels Logo
WB COA Looking for Meals on Wheels Drivers
Mon-Fri, 9:30-10a

The WB Council on Aging is looking for permanent and substitute Meals on Wheels drivers. All meals are sent out from the senior center between 9:30 and 10 am Monday through Friday. The COA is currently seeking permanent drivers for Wednesdays and backup drivers when needed. Please call Stacy at the COA for more information at 508-894-1262.
Gentle Yoga
Fri, May 24
WB Public Library

End your week with a free gentle yoga class, taught by Lindsey Centrella. This class is open to all abilities. Please let Lindsey know of any physical restrictions you might have before starting class.

Classes will be taught on Friday, May 24 and May 31 at 3pm.

If you have a yoga mat, blocks or other equipment, bring them! If not, equipment will be provided. Wear your comfy clothes and be ready to stretch and relax for an hour. Register here for each class you wish to attend.
Source: WBPL FB
WBPL Book Club
Tue, May 28
5 - 6p
WB Public Library

Read Britt-Marie Was Here by Fredrik Backman and join the WBPL Book Club to discuss the novel on Tuesday, May 28th at 5pm in the Meeting Room. Copies of the book are available at the front desk.

Britt-Marie Was Here is a book about a busybody woman who leaves her husband after being cheated on. It was originally written in Swedish, and translated to English in 2016.
Source: WBPL
Climate Can Do:
Green on the Go

One of the biggest contributors to greenhouse gas and carbon emissions in our atmosphere is the use of vehicles: according to Fuel Economy, “Highway vehicles release about 1.5 billion tons of greenhouse gases (GHGs) into the atmosphere each year—mostly in the form of carbon dioxide (CO2)—contributing to global climate change. Each gallon of gasoline you burn creates 20 pounds of GHG. That's roughly 5 to 9 tons of GHG each year for a typical vehicle.”

How we get from one location to another can have a massive impact on our carbon footprints, and our first goal should be to transition into the use of public transportation whenever possible. The type of vehicle we drive is also incredibly important. The use of gasoline has major implications for the climate because of greenhouse gases associated with crude oil and other petroleum liquids. Another environmentally-friendly option would be electric vehicles. Finally, consider making the switch to bikes, e-bikes, and e-scooters to help reduce your carbon footprint (and help you reach your health and fitness goals!).

Ways to Transition to Sustainable Transportation

  • The MBTA and Regional Transit Authorities offer a range of services to help riders travel locally and regionally. 
  • Fixed route services (like the bus and subway) have a reliable regular schedule you can count on and offer discounted fares for seniors and people with disabilities.
  • Learn more about public transport services near you

  • Electric vehicles (EV) are a great way to reduce your greenhouse gas emissions, improve air quality, and reduce the cost of owning a vehicle. 
  • Incentives and financing options may be available to assist you in purchasing an electric vehicle and installing an EV charger at home.
  • Learn about electric vehicles 

  • Reducing our use of gas-powered vehicles is a key step in tackling climate change. Bikes, E-bikes, and E-scooters produce zero emissions and are much less expensive than cars
  • Learn about e-bike benefits 

Written by Noshin Saiyaara, Buzz Around Intern and Wellesley College student.
Together, we can make a difference by taking action to live sustainably. Let's empower ourselves to create a better future for our planet, one step at a time.
Grants Rental
We Have the Equipment You Need to Get the Job Done!

10 Bedford Park, Bridgewater

(508) 279-0950

10 Bedford Park, Bridgewater
(508) 279-0950

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How To Create A Marketing Plan For Your Small Business 5/30

Are you overwhelmed by all the marketing choices for your business? Not sure how or where to spend your time and money? It sounds like you need a marketing plan!

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River Walk
Sun June 2
River Street, WB

Getting excited for River Walk! This year's event is shaping up to be bigger and better than ever. We're looking for volunteers on the day of, mostly for setup and tear down, but a few extra hands during the event couldn't hurt. If you're interested in helping, reach out to the West Bridgewater Open Space Committee & Conservation Commission.
Why Volunteer?
Have you thought of the benefits of volunteering?

Did you know that volunteering is a renewable resource? When you say a kind word, hand someone a meal, or teach a child a skill you are not only sharing a gift you have received, but you are receiving a gift. Gratitude for the help is one of the most powerful and healing gifts you can receive. The more you give gratitude away, the more it comes back to you.

I teach Living in the Gift at Stairway to Recovery, a walk-in place for those serious about wanting to recover from addiction or who need resources. Did you know that when folks who rely on generosity give from their heart, they feel better. Kind words, volunteering to help a neighbor, and other easy gifts, lift everyone's spirits. It energizes, and helps the giver feel valuable. Those who volunteer find it comes back to them in unexpected ways.

Try committing to a local charity and make it a habit of volunteering. You will make meaningful friendships, understand the gratitude of having: a home, money and / or resources to live. It will help you see problems from a different perspective; the benefits are enormous, and when you involve children, or your friends & family, it is a great bonding experience.

Who knows, you might just have a good time and experience the joys of volunteering.

Submitted by Marcy Venezia, CEO MBA, RN, PMP www.GleeWorks.net
Mold Guys Restoration
Restoration & Rebuild * Cleaning Up Water Damage & Mold

Creating the Space You Dreamed Of!

(781) 910-5029
Join The Well 5K
Sat, June 1
BW State University

Awards for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place male and female.

And 1st place in: 10 & under, 11-15, 16-19, 20-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60-69, 70-79, 80+

The Well helps individuals, families and the community experience spiritual, emotional and physical wellness through holistic care of the mind, body, soul and spirit.

Learn more at: www.visitthewell.org
"A Heartfelt Thank You to Everyone Who Made Our Field Day a Success! 

🌟Yesterday (April 28, 2024) was truly special, and we couldn't have done it without the incredible support from our community. A huge shout-out to the honor guard for leading our parade with such dignity. 🎖️
A big thank you to our teachers who participated in the games, bringing fun and sportsmanship to the field. You truly went above and beyond! 🏅
To our local Fire Department and Police Department, your presence and participation in the games brought so much joy and excitement. Thank you for being such an integral part of our community and for all you do! 🚒🚓

We also want to extend our gratitude to everyone who came out to support the event. Your cheers and smiles made the day unforgettable.
🎉Special thanks to the Youth Football Association for sharing the parking lot and adjusting your game schedules to join the parade."

Images & quote reposted from WBYAA FB
Teacher Appreciation Week

West Bridgewater Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) showed their gratitude to 1st through 6th grade teachers and school staff members with treats for Teacher Appreciation Week. On Monday, May 6, they kicked off the week with a Lady Sunshine Coffee van visiting all three WB schools and delivering coffee, tea, and donuts to teachers and other school staff. On Tuesday, the PTO treated the teachers to delicious pastries from White's Bakery and Café.

Teacher Appreciation Week is a national holiday in U.S., celebrated in the first week of May each year. The WB PTO has done a wonderful job in recognizing the hard work of their teachers this year.

Source: WB PTO FB
Written by Vasilia Yordanova, BuzzAround Intern, Wesleyan University
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