What's the Story about the EB United Methodist Church THRIFT SHOP ?

The EBUMC thrift shop, a non-profit, has been in operation for 12 years at 54 N. Central St. The thrift shop is open Wednesday 2 - 5 pm; Thursday 10 am - noon; and Saturday 10 am - noon.

They accept gently used clothing, shoes, housewares (but no electronics), jewelry, and books. The store is staffed by volunteers and the profits go to the the care of the Methodist Church, providing a space for the weekly community meal, Scouts meetings, and their parish community needs. They also donate items such as blankets, towels to the MSPCA when they are not suitable for re-sale.

Most volunteers are from East Bridgewater, but many are from surrounding towns. A few are: Kathy Bradley,( the head of the shop) Sheryl Markowicz, Nate Milauskas, Kendra Ruiz, Louise Dombrowski.

Photo & Story source: Louise Dombrowski
Written by J. Rose
Historical Tidbit:
The Satucket River Crossing at Plymouth Street & EB's Early Industry
The first mill in East Bridgewater—a sawmill built and operated by Robert Latham possibly as early as 1667, was about 1,000 ft upstream of the Satucket River Crossing and Carver Cotton Gin area. Robert Latham, a farmer, owned 56 acres of land on the north and south sides of Plymouth Road, possibly including portions of where the Carver Cotton Gin Company stands.
Robert Latham died in 1688, and his property passed to his three sons: James (1659–1738/39), Joseph (1663– 1705), and Chilton (1672–1751). Chilton acquired much of the land on the north side of the road, including the sawmill, while James settled on lands south of the road.
 Chilton sold his farm to his son Robert Latham (1711–1788) in 1748, while James’s lands along the south side of Plymouth Street, were apparently transferred to Joseph Latham, the son of James.
In 1749, Robert and James redrew their farm boundaries. Robert took at least 20 acres of land north of Plymouth Street and about 6 acres south of the street on the east bank of the Satucket River, of which a portion is now within the Gin company complex. Joseph received about 25 acres that now constitutes the majority of current-day Sachem Rock Farm.

About 1724–1726, Isaac Harris, Captain Thomas Whitman, and Jonathan Bass relocated Latham’s sawmill downstream to a new site near the Plymouth Street Bridge over the Satucket River that was at or near where the dam was. Thomas Whitman (1702–1788) owned land on the west bank of the river, opposite the second Robert Latham’s land; and Whitman added a gristmill at the dam soon after the sawmill was moved.

Captain Whitman seems to have gained exclusive ownership of the sawmill, which he retained until he transferred the gristmill to his son Amos Whitman. After Amos Whitman’s death in 1791, his brother Lieutenant Peter Whitman (?–1801) assumed proprietorship of both the sawmill and gristmill. At Peter Whitman’s death in 1801, the mills passed to three of his daughters. The property was known under the Whitman’s ownership as Whitman’s Mills. 

As recorded by John J. Daly of the The Public Archeology Laboratory, Inc. August 2016 in
Edited by J. Rose
Town Hall
175 Central St
E. Bridgewater Public Library
32 Union St 508-378-1616

Council on Aging 
355 Plymouth St 508-378-1610

Food Pantries
Union Congregational Church. 105 Pleasant St
2nd Wednesday from 12:30 - 2p
& last Saturday from 9:30 - 11a

St Vincent dePaul Food Pantry
St. John's Catholic Church
210 Center St, EB
(508) 378-3760
Pantry days will be the first Monday of the month, except for holidays, 3 - 5:30p, and the third Monday, 3p - 4:30p, except for holidays. 

Free Community Meal
EBUMC 54 N. Central St.
Every Wednesday 5:30 - 6:30.
Donations welcome.

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Rotary Donation to our YMCA
Rotarian Beth Roll Smith gives the check from the Rotary Club of the Bridgewaters to Joe Leaver, Director of the East Bridgewater Y, for three children to attend summer camp at the Y.
Reposted from Rotary FB
Willie Nelson: Songs & Stories w/ Matt York
Tue, May 21
EB Public Library

Longtime New England singer/songwriter Matt York will perform songs and tell stories about the great Willie Nelson. York will focus on Willie's long and illustrious music career that has spanned over seven decades. This program is supported in part by a grant from the East Bridgewater Local Cultural Council, a local agency which is supported by the Mass Cultural Council, a state agency. Registration is recommended, but not required.

Women's Circle with Kaitlynn
Wed, May 22
484 Bedford St

Soulful Girls empowerment coach, Kaitlynn, will hold space and guide conversation to help you get to the core of whatever is holding you back or causing stress or resistance in your life.

For more information, please visit The Soul Project's Event Page Here
East Bridgewater Garden Club
Sat, May 25
EB Town Hall

Come join us for our spring plant sale which includes a large assortment of vegetables, herbs, annuals and perennials. Delicious baked goods will also be available for purchase. Venmo accepted.

Source: EB Garden Club
Hair Extensions @ Salon Esprit
Our talented stylist Mackenzie helps you achieve the volume & length you are looking for with hair extensions!

Looking for a transformation? Book a consultation today!

225 Bedford St * Carriage Crossing
East Bridgewater
You're Invited to A Get
Together for Good
Please join us on May 20th at Shoveltown Brewery in Easton and bring a friend.

It will be a casual night of good friends, good music by DJ Joe Lupica and good fun for The Charity Guild.

Tickets are $50.00 - small bites included.

Special & Annual Town Meeting
May 13, 2024
Video Courtesy of EBCAM
SunnyLine 7 Birdhouse Building

"We had so much fun yesterday with our kids build a bird house class!!! Thank you to everyone who signed up and to the kids with the great ideas for our future kids classes that we will be hosting!!!"

Image & Reposting from: SunnyLine 7 FB
Spring Concert
Tue, May 28
Gordon W Mitchell School Auditorium

The 3 & 4 Chorus and Bands will begin at 6 pm on Tuesday, May 28th. Following this will be the 5 & 6 Chorus & Bands at 7:30 pm. Please join us in supporting these young musicians and the local arts programs!

For more information: EBMPA FB
2nd Grade Sing Around the World Concert 2024
Video Courtesy of EBCAM
Climate Can Do:
Green on the Go

One of the biggest contributors to greenhouse gas and carbon emissions in our atmosphere is the use of vehicles: according to Fuel Economy, “Highway vehicles release about 1.5 billion tons of greenhouse gases (GHGs) into the atmosphere each year—mostly in the form of carbon dioxide (CO2)—contributing to global climate change. Each gallon of gasoline you burn creates 20 pounds of GHG. That's roughly 5 to 9 tons of GHG each year for a typical vehicle.”

How we get from one location to another can have a massive impact on our carbon footprints, and our first goal should be to transition into the use of public transportation whenever possible. The type of vehicle we drive is also incredibly important. The use of gasoline has major implications for the climate because of greenhouse gases associated with crude oil and other petroleum liquids. Another environmentally-friendly option would be electric vehicles. Finally, consider making the switch to bikes, e-bikes, and e-scooters to help reduce your carbon footprint (and help you reach your health and fitness goals!).

Ways to Transition to Sustainable Transportation

  • The MBTA and Regional Transit Authorities offer a range of services to help riders travel locally and regionally. 
  • Fixed route services (like the bus and subway) have a reliable regular schedule you can count on and offer discounted fares for seniors and people with disabilities.
  • Learn more about public transport services near you

  • Electric vehicles (EV) are a great way to reduce your greenhouse gas emissions, improve air quality, and reduce the cost of owning a vehicle. 
  • Incentives and financing options may be available to assist you in purchasing an electric vehicle and installing an EV charger at home.
  • Learn about electric vehicles 

  • Reducing our use of gas-powered vehicles is a key step in tackling climate change. Bikes, E-bikes, and E-scooters produce zero emissions and are much less expensive than cars
  • Learn about e-bike benefits 

Written by Noshin Saiyaara, Buzz Around Intern and Wellesley College student.

Together, we can make a difference by taking action to live sustainably. Let's empower ourselves to create a better future for our planet, one step at a time.
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Rotary Club of the Bridgewaters
Citizen of the Year 2024
Video Courtesy of EBCAM
How To Create A Marketing Plan For Your Small Business 5/30

Are you overwhelmed by all the marketing choices for your business? Not sure how or where to spend your time and money? It sounds like you need a marketing plan!

Read more
Why Volunteer?
Have you thought of the benefits of volunteering?

Did you know that volunteering is a renewable resource? When you say a kind word, hand someone a meal, or teach a child a skill you are not only sharing a gift you have received, but you are receiving a gift. Gratitude for the help is one of the most powerful and healing gifts you can receive. The more you give gratitude away, the more it comes back to you.

I teach Living in the Gift at Stairway to Recovery, a walk-in place for those serious about wanting to recover from addiction or who need resources. Did you know that when folks who rely on generosity give from their heart, they feel better. Kind words, volunteering to help a neighbor, and other easy gifts, lift everyone's spirits. It energizes, and helps the giver feel valuable. Those who volunteer find it comes back to them in unexpected ways.

Try committing to a local charity and make it a habit of volunteering. You will make meaningful friendships, understand the gratitude of having: a home, money and / or resources to live. It will help you see problems from a different perspective; the benefits are enormous, and when you involve children, or your friends & family, it is a great bonding experience.

Who knows, you might just have a good time and experience the joys of volunteering.
Submitted by Marcy Venezia, CEO MBA, RN, PMP www.GleeWorks.net
A Huge Hit! ~ be; social May the 4th StarWars Party
True to their mission, " be; is committed to providing inclusive events that inspire diversity & acceptance, with a focus on adults with differing abilities. Through the arts, musical exploration & social gatherings, we strive to honor this community & help to cultivate healthy relationships within it.." This social event for adults with differeing abilities was over the moon!
Re- posted from their FB page: " The outpouring of support to help our little organization create an evening of diversity and inclusion for our community was overwhelming!
Volunteers went to such great lengths to make the event incredibly meaningful on so many levels.
We are a 100% volunteer run nonprofit. The community of people who have chosen to be involved to help make this happen are absolutely unreal!!!"
"We had trays and trays of Star Wars themed food and deserts donated, delivered and clearly made with love by Charlene O'Gara WOW!
MORE food, specialty drinks AND gift cards donated by The Boundless Bean, Gigi’s House of Pizza DJ Brian and friend donated their ENTIRE evening to be with us and keep us dancing! THANK YOU!
Dioramas and the coolest Star Wars decorations set up by David Horton who went out of his way to help us create the vibe!
We had OVER 20 people helping us set up, run the kitchen, welcome people, direct parking, climb ladders, make announcements, organize raffles, move pianos, break down & clean up!!!
We are blown away by your kindness, and dedication to helping us create a stronger, more accepting community, one little step at a time."🥰
Have fun with us and bee entered to win:
a $25 gift certificate to Johnny Macaroni's Restaurant, East Bridgewater & Halifax

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