Newsletter | March 29, 2022
Is safety one of your business values to drive recruitment and savings? 

The pandemic has created many challenges for retailers, and data does not lie. The top featured article below highlights how data L&I’s actuary released in February this year corroborated with our review of our retro groups’ data.  

Making data-informed decisions is an emphasis here at Washington Retail, which is the basis for developing and launching the new Safety Ambassador Program in 2022.  

In today’s competitive labor market, a strong safety culture is good for employee retention. In addition to personal recommendations from your employees, a reputation for fostering a workplace safety culture is an excellent recruitment tool. Besides, safety is truly one of the best ways to drive down your cost of doing business.   

Do you want to improve safety to protect your workers and improve your bottom line?  
The new Safety Ambassador Program will only have room for five members during the first half of 2022 as our initial launch. Contact us today at or 360-646-9418. 
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