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Dear Ministry Partner,

This month we have felt like soldiers being moved about by trains. We have traveled extensively as a family. We thank God for this time as well as your prayers. In one month, we have reached 10 people groups: Chinese, Burmese, Punjabi, African, Malay, Pakistani, American, Filipino, Spanish, and Japanese. What is the Lord doing? The Lord is connecting us and raising up workers through this ministry. We collaborated with CCI Myanmar and mobilized one of our own from Punjab, India. We spent time cultivating the ground through training and giving time to budding friendships. We now have new training centers for discipleship as a result.

Each one of us are called and sent. We accept contributions and monthly support to keep motivated and urgent workers moving at the pace of the Spirit within them. We welcome you aboard this train for an inside look. We are God's people and we seek to grow, develop, and empower others, as well as ourselves. As God saves them, we will train them. 

As the RD, I am assuming responsibility over the entire country of India. We have an appointed National Director from South India. There are many pastors and leaders there in training; over 650 as reported. The subcontinent now has 1630 students in the discipleship process. Praise the Lord for the growth! We need your support. All gifts go towards mobilizing workers and training leaders in the Word, enabling them to go and train others.

Support Reaching The Nations


To protect these believers from the persecution in this country, their names & locations are not disclosed.

The CCI Curriculum of 10 courses is being used in each nation. Each person must have a course book. Many of the students in these countries are very poor and have barely enough money to make it through the day, to help provide for these poor students, click HERE.

Pastors Z and P has started new classes. They are so glad that they have the tools to effectively teach the Word of God. They both are training 3 groups each.

Testimony from Pakistan

"Greetings in the almighty name of our Lord Jesus Christ. I am a CCI student and work with the women’s group. I give thanks to the Lord for this CCI training. It is very helpful in my women’s ministry and for spiritual growth in the Word of God. I am so happy! I give thanks to God for CCI."

- CCI Student


The pastor is motivated to meet the laborers whenever they have time to study since they only get one day off. Please pray that they will be satisfied through this process of discipleship.


Pastor S is training 3 groups through the CCI curriculum, which consists of 10 courses. He travels 500 km each week to effectively train them. The students are growing and they will also eventually train others.

Pastor D is training four groups. They are aware of the spiritual transformation among them after completing Course 6: Personal Spiritual Life. A seminar on God’s Financial Principles was given in western Bangladesh to enrich their lives. 

Testimony from Bangladesh

"Greetings to you in the name of Jesus Christ! I am serving as a deaconess in my church while I am a CCI student and growing daily in God’s Word.

I praise the Lord for that, as I am so grateful to Him for giving me the great opportunity to attend the CCI class in my church. Despite having no knowledge of the Bible, I was performing deaconess duties in the church. However, CCI courses have changed my life and enabled me to gain true biblical knowledge. CCI teaches me the Word so that I can grow to maturity in Christ. At first, I thought that the CCI curriculum would be very difficult, but the teacher teaches and explains to us very well. I am learning with great pleasure. I have completed Course 8: Teaching Principles and Methods. Please pray for me as I complete the training and help my church more in the areas of women and children's ministry so that they may grow in Christ and be spiritually strong. Thank you!"

– CCI Student

North India

As a result of two Teacher Training Workshops (TTWs) that were conducted last month, two new classes have started. There's more! We also praise God for a graduate starting a new class as well. Three new classes = a total of 17 under our CCI Area Coordinator's leadership. 

Testimony from North India

"I was born and brought up in a Sikh family. After my conversion, I began attending church regularly. Pastor P introduced me to CCI training to grow in Christ and to learn so I can train in my area. The first day was boring, but the second week was interesting as we went deeper into the Word of God. Now, I am learning the Word of God. God has given me more grace to continue to learn His Word. Pray for me and my family so that we can grow more in Him day by day. Thank you!" 

-CCI Student


Pastor T taught God’s Financial Principles (GFP) in northwest Nepal among 45 believers. We praise God for an in-road to start training there.

Pastor P is teaching Course 8:Teaching Principles and Methods to a class of 16 leaders. 

Testimony from Nepal

Mr. H is 44 years old, married, and a father of 4 kids. He was born in a Tibetan family and grew up with so much pain and hurt inside. He tried to commit suicide a couple of times, attempted murder, and gone to jail several times. None of the villagers liked him because of his character and lifestyle. He never understood life’s value or his own identity. Three years ago, he accepted Christ as personal savior. He would still drink and was arrogant and angry.

When he joined for training, he learned biblical principles which helped him to understand personal values and identity. Being a new person in Christ helped him to reconcile with all those whom he wanted to get vengeance from and wanted to kill before. Now he is serving as a leader of his local church. The local believers never thought he would be changed like this. The light of Christ has changed his life and family completely. The villagers are amazed. His wife and children are so happy with this new peace that has come to the family. Instead of being scared of him, they now go to him for prayer and counsel. Praise God for the new spirit within. The wife thanks CCI Nepal repeatedly for discipleship training.

-CCI Student

Sri Lanka

The coordinator has brought together 50 pastors to tell them about discipleship and an effective method to systematically teach the Word of God through the training of pastors and leaders. The word is spreading fast about the CCI ministry. This is good ground for you to support. The RD is going there soon to ensure healthy growth. Please support this ministry as we expand.

Pastor A is leading

Pastor K is teaching Course 1

Testimony from Sri Lanka

"With the training I have received over the past five months through CCI, I have learned many things. By God’s grace, I have formed a group of 70 leaders in districts across Sri Lanka to be united in leadership, encourage them, and work together in evangelism and discipleship. I have great confidence in CCI’s methods as we make this training available throughout the country. I am grateful for the RD's guidance and training, as well as his fatherly heart. He has greatly helped me and others to lead like him. Glory be to the Lord!"


Pastor A

CCI Sri Lanka


Praise the Lord! Bhutan is a closed country, but one class has started teaching Course 1: Bible Study Methods and Rules of Interpretation.


Support is crucial to the mission of making disciples of Christ. En route to Malaysia, 3 families were mobilized. It took a collective effort to impact the nations: Burmese, Nepali, Pakistani, and Punjabi (pictured). Additionally, 10 people groups were impacted! We give God the praise!

This church is very enthusiastic about discipling the leaders using CCI’s curriculum. 

A TTW was done privately with 2 pastors who will train others. "Cross Before the Crown" was conducted among 35 people for such a powerful time! We beckoned the body to walk upright. 

Testimony from Malaysia

"My missionary journey to Malaysia was an eye-opening experience. I encountered people from diverse backgrounds, each with their own story. I witnessed resilience and unity amongst Malaysians. The culture reinforced compassion. Despite language barriers, acts of kindness transcended the differences. The journey spurred growth, lifelong connections, and a deeper understanding of humanity. I am deeply thankful to our Regional Director for granting me the opportunity to be a part of this journey. The trust and support empowered me to make a meaningful impact and broaden my perspective on missionary work."

-Pastor W

Will you help the National Staff reach the India Subcontinent?

Prayers & Praises


·      Please pray for the ministry as we are struggling with book costs since the number of classes has grown. We are now paying more than before. If you would like to help, poor students can be provided with scholarships in order to buy books by clicking this link.

·     Pray for our four new classes in new ministry locations in East Nepal. We are affected greatly by the lack of books. We are uncertain.

·     Please pray for more teachers to teach classes. We need 4 new teachers.

·     Pray for 2 laptops to use for ministry purposes for CCI Nepal.


·      For Pastor N who is sick with a heart problem.

·      For students who cannot pay for the books. If you would like to help, poor students can be provided with scholarships in order to buy books by clicking this link.

·      For teachers so that they can teach with wisdom.

·      For students to gain wisdom to understand the Word of God.

·      Pray that we can open 3 new classes in April, especially in the northeast region.

·      Pray also for more supporters.


·     We have started Book 7. We are asking for your prayer support for our spiritual guidance.

·    Sometimes our students go outside for their daily income source. Please pray that we can overcome challenges related to work and training.

·     The students are sharing the Gospel outside as the calling of disciples. They are taking initiatives in the churches also. Therefore, we need more prayer support to bear witness among other faith communities. 

·     Prayers are requested for multiple individuals who are facing various health issues, including acidity, physical weakness, sickness, pain in hands and legs, tension, and chest pain. Additionally, prayers are asked for those with upcoming exams and for those who are in need of guidance in their work decisions.

·      Pray for the safety for those who travel to make disciples.

North India

·      That poor students can be provided with scholarships in order to buy books by clicking this link.

·      Pray for a good home for my family.

·      Pray that the Lord would open doors for support for more teachers.

·      Pray as we would like to have a TTW in the Kashmir region soon.

·     Pray for graduation ceremony next month.

·     Praise God for enabling us to start 3 classes this month. 


·      For me and the team as we travel into unreached areas for new training to occur.

·      Pray for the new people whom we have trained in new places and countries.

·      For those graduating next 2-3 months.

·      For foreign staff to faithfully serve God with integrity.

·      For our families to be strengthened as we follow God.

·      For the ministry as we plan to set leadership in place to handle the expansion.

·      For the Bengali translation to continue to go well.

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