Ladies and gentlemen, I cannot keep calm as I write this! Can you actually believe that the month of May marks the one year anniversary of Inside Conversations with Dwania ? Wow. This newsletter has helped me open up so much more, the parts of me that I always thought needed to be kept under wraps. Being able to tap into my emotions over the past year and be real with you is something I don’t take for granted. So thank you all for allowing me to be me. I love it!
OK so now that that is out of the way, can we just take a moment to talk about my new look? Like I am actually out here, with nowhere to go but my balcony, flaunting this sassy look because my hair is finally growing back! For all I know, my neighbours probably think I’m extra, with me out here looking like I’m looking. But that’s alright. I won’t let anybody dim my shine *sips cocktail* . OK, so maybe the neighbours didn’t even notice, but that’s beside the point. Anyways, you probably know by now that wigs aren’t my thing. I mean you could pay me to wear one, but if you aren’t paying, we don’t have a deal. So trust me when I say that I’m so happy to have a little hair on my head and that I don't have to feel conscious of what I look like when I go out. I unveiled the look on May 21st on instagram Live while interviewing my hair stylist Francine Francis, who had absolutely no idea that I was going to do it. It was a great moment then, but now I’m totally curious to find out what you all think about the look. Let me know your thoughts!
It’s day 27 into 100 days of working out and I’m actually surprised that with my quarantine memory, I’m still keeping track. I am working out because I need to get back to my old size. At this point, it’s not a case of my clothes being tight. In all seriousness, I cannot fit into any of them as they just won’t go on. I also need to get my strength back as all that chemotherapy made me very weak and I would like to create a habit of working out everyday. The habit of working out isn't tough, but working out everyday is. I really think I’m starting to feel good about myself again.
Summer is in full swing and I know everyone is at home, being safe. I wanted to share two simple recipes that you can whip up so that you feel like you're still part of summer without leaving your home. On our menu, we have a nice juicy burger and a lavender lemonade cocktail to go with it. Feel free to throw in a side of tasty fries or a garden salad, if that's what you’re feeling. Now being Jamaican, rest assured I didn’t include any measurements or amounts. I just feel it in my bones when it's time to put that seasoning down. Ladies, you know what I mean.
Now if I am making burgers from scratch:
Medium ground beef made into patties to your size preference (my favourite pre-made option is the Keg brand)
Beefsteak tomatoes
Bell peppers
Red onions
Italian seasoning
BBQ Sauce (my favourite is 40 Creek Whiskey BBQ Sauce)
Olive oil
Burger buns (my preference is the high fibre buns from Cobs)

* Slice tomatoes in thick slices
*Chop onions and peppers in thick chunks
*Add a sprinkle of Italian seasoning and a dash of oil. Ensure all the pieces are coated in seasoning and oil
*Butter buns
Lavender Lemonade
 Fresh lavender
3 lemons
 *Steep lavender in hot water: 6 cups
*Cut lemons in half (3 lemons)
*Grill lemons until slightly charred
*Squeeze grilled lemon juice into the lavender water
*Add honey to taste
There you have it. A simple summer meal that you can easily whip up, without having to spend much time on preparation. If you’d like more inspiration, feel free to head over to my personal instagram page to check out the different mouth-watering meals I’ve prepared over time. If you find something you like, let me know and I will share the recipe with you.
Cheers to living life to the fullest!

Talk soon!