Happy New Year everyone! I hope the year has started off great for you so far. I’m so excited to kick-start 2021 because I simply love setting goals for myself and enjoy planning out my year. It’s really something to look forward to and I currently only have post pandemic thoughts. I’m also mentally ready to tackle everything this year has to offer.

My holiday recap is pretty much that I had such a great time with my family. I got to safely see some of them, which felt so refreshing. We spiced up the holidays a little by finding cool things to do like playing dominos each night, watching lots of silly television, and by having a hot wings challenge. OMG! The challenge with my sister Doujone was flat out hilarious! We tried 7 different hot sauces with our wings, her with her vegan self and me, obviously with the real deal (I promise, I’m not throwing shade) and rated them based on their taste and hotness. Can I just say? The audacity of the last two hot sauces though! Phew, chile- they almost took me the heck out! It’s a wonder that I came out on top as usual, the reigning hot sauce champion, with no milk in sight- only water. Doujone also slid in a couple of questions here and there, while we tried navigating through the challenge, which brought back many childhood memories. It was indeed a great time.
So far, January has started off with a bang! I feel booked, busy and blessed. *drops mic* Did someone say I need to throw that up on a t-shirt or something? Hello. You don’t have to tell me that twice! Take notes ladies, because that’s going to be my motto all year round. Anyhow, I know we'd like to keep this one casual and on the down-low, but you know me. Down-low for what? Exactly. I have some exciting news to share with you. Your girl was one of 30 small business owners selected for a virtual fireside chat with the Prime Minister. Yes, you read that right. Talk about amazing! And since everyone is itching to know what my biggest take away was, here it is: your concerns are also his concerns. He’s concerned about the mental health of the country, about the struggles of small businesses, the overall COVID relief and the multiple attempts to get Canada back to a healthy state. Imagine having to wake up each morning to that kind of to-do list? *and I oop* Yeah, I don’t envy his job one bit! *chews gum and files nails nonchalantly*
Okay, so I know it’s a little bit too early to start talking about how fast the year is flying by, but I’d like to know how exactly we are already in the month of February. Like I’m trying to do the math and it’s not quite adding up. Anyways, it’s here and I'm looking forward to Super Bowl and Valentine’s Day! I hear it's Kansas City Chiefs versus the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on the 8th. Who’s your pick? And as for Valentine’s Day that’s also coming up, I’d love to celebrate and spend the day with you and your significant other! So here’s what we currently have planned. The idea is to have 20 couples come together for an exciting virtual afternoon of fun, with Toronto’s own chocolatier, Chef Quest who will be directing the painting of an edible masterpiece. Each couple will receive a curated Valentine’s Day basket, delivered to their door, with tasty goodies that will tickle their senses. We’ll get to spend time together, engrossed in the world of painting and see where our artistic skills take us by the end of the evening. There are only 20 spots available, so grab your tickets while you still can and I can’t wait to see what we all eventually get up to!
Finally, I have been swept up in the recent Clubhouse craze. The app is AH-MAZING and it is all they say. So if you're not on it, you need to get on it asap and if you're already on it, make sure that you're following me. My handle is @CdnSmallBiz. 

Talk soon!