February is Black History Month. We acknowledge with deep gratitude the educators, innovators, leaders, and visionaries of color who dared to dream and make our country better despite a legacy of racial injustice and adversity. This year, we also acknowledge and support the work of the Black Lives Matter movement to focus national attention on the inequity and racial injustice that continues to persist in our country. The core of Inner Explorer’s mission has always been to provide children, families, and communities the tools to establish mindfulness as a routine behavior that builds awareness, clarity, empathy, and openness, thereby helping to build education equity which is the surest path towards social justice.
Please see Inner Explorer’s Social Justice Statement for more information.

Tips and Resources
Tools you can use

It’s not too late to join Inner Explorer’s 21-Day Mindfulness Quest - Educators can still begin the quest anytime by making a pledge to practice mindfulness with their students for 21 consecutive days. This is the perfect way to re-energize your classrooms in the second half of the school year and encourage healthy habits! Log in to your Inner Explorer account and click on the 21-Day Quest button under the Navigation Dial. Start today!
You can support Inner Explorer when you shop at Amazon! Designate us as your charity donation.