Sunshine and excitement fill the air as we move into Spring and our 2024 exhibition season! A hub for artful connection and history since 1988, the gallery is an open environment that is energized by illustrious artists along with your involvement and our shared experiences.  

FLORENCE VALE (1909-2003)

Reflection, 1972 - collage, 15.5 x 12 inches

In this edition of Ingram Art News, we mark our calendars and look ahead to the next Ingram Art Talk with author George Daicopoulos, Can painting save us? Further, we look at Travis Shilling’s coming Tadpole exhibition which takes place in May and then Barry Hodgson’s 2024 solo exhibition which will open in June. Finally, we look at the power of art and the current // Some Awe //, which runs at the gallery from March 16 – April 11.


Just a Façade - oil on canvas, 50 x 34 inches

Ahead on June 8 is a stirring Ingram Art Talk titled Can painting save us? Join in the discussion as Gary Leggett hosts a Q&A with author George Daicopoulos on the topic of art and the hope that painting offers in the digital age. The timely and thought-provoking event takes place on Saturday, June 8 at 2pm and your ideas and involvement are invited.


5AM - glazed porcelain, H: 6.25 x W: 6.5 inches

Save the Date for Travis Shilling’s 2024 solo exhibition Tadpole opening on May 4. This release of new canvases follows the artist’s significant exhibitions The Blue Tarp and Colorado. Absorbed in creation for the spellbinding Tadpole series, Shilling leads his brush as the works lead him. Tadpole runs at the gallery from May 4 – 30.

Following on June 22, Barry Hodgson opens his 2024 solo with a collection of new paintings. Under the artist’s honed and refreshing vision, the works draw attention to landscapes of the Sandbanks and Prince Edward County, as well as the setting of Hodgson’s own garden and beyond. In a timeless approach to paint and mark making, the works create portals into the artist’s immutable and absorbing insights that move past the bounds of the canvas. The exhibition’s opening reception takes place on Saturday, June 22 from 1pm-3pm and continues through to July 13.


Acceptance - glazed stoneware, H: 16.5 x W: 16.5 inches

Join us at the gallery from March 16 to April 11 for // Some Awe //, a collection of vital and sweeping connections with the world from the heights of contemporary artists and those of our past. 

With grand and intimate insight, // Some Awe // highlights vibrant works from the artists that influence fields of art making, our perspectives, and culture.


Nature Morte III - oil on canvas, 40 x 36.75 inches

The collection includes prescient works from celebrated artists such as Florence Vale (1909-2003) and Rachel Berman (1946-2014) to the visionary acumen of contemporary artists like Vlad Grospic, Luke Pestl, Sean Yelland and many others.


Time Stands - oil on panel, 20 x 16 inches

Looking through our archives, acts of discovery and rediscovery are a fluid adventure at the gallery. From uncovering photographs of historical artworks in studio to finding letters with pencil studies for large-scale canvases, the realms of art and connection intermingle in extraordinary ways.

RACHEL BERMAN (1946-2014)

We've come this far and it's still the same, 2011 - oil on canvas, 49 x 30.75 inches

Ingram Gallery’s book shop likewise adds to the connectivity of art in our space, such as rediscovering a first edition of Canadian Art dating back to 1943, which topically discusses the masterful watercolours of Caven Atkins (1907-2000) - page 29:

“To the writer, the key-note of the work seemed to be a certain tranquil lyricism and spiritual contentment… A sky might be cloudy, but it was with beneficent rather than forbidding clouds. The world before us remained luminous. One was reminded of the quiet glow of stained glass. Pictures like this should make agreeable living companions.”

- Walter Abell

CAVEN ATKINS (1907-2000)

Baie St. Paul, Quebec, 1937 - watercolour, 15.5 x 22.5 inches

Shared experience in art is all around our pretty neighbourhood of Yorkville. Strolling in the area, we pass the house and cultural hub of Albert Franck and Florence Vale on Hazelton Avenue, a bronze masterpiece by sculptor Frances Gage on Prince Arthur, a short path to the front doors of the Gardiner Museum, and many other locations of art and meaning.


Girl with Broom, c. 1945 - oil on canvas, 24 x 20 inches

We look forward to seeing you and to sharing further in person during the exhibition // Some Awe //, which runs from March 16 – April 11.

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First issue of Canadian Art, 1943

Volume 1, Number 1 | Back Cover