Message from the Association President

Spring into Summer

As I write this message, I am sitting in the airport waiting for my flight back to Winnipeg. Today was a bright and sunny day in Toronto and I just enjoyed another fantastic CAMA event, our annual golf tournament at the Royal Woodbine golf course. The event was well attended, and it was great to enjoy the company of so many of our industry peers in a relaxed and casual setting. 

Golf Tournament 2024

Thank You!

Thank you for coming out for the 2024 Golf Tournament.

The weather was with us for an excellent day at the Royal Woodbine Golf Course, with great golf and great company! Congratulations to the winners of the day!

Bottles vs. Cans: Which is Better for Your Business?

In the competitive landscape of the vending industry, the choice between selling bottles and cans is a pivotal one. Soft drinks in aluminum cans have long been a symbol of refreshment and convenience, but traditional can vending equipment has been gradually on the decline. This is influenced by the suppliers involved, but also consumer changes in the Canadian marketplace. This article delves into the growing movement toward bottled formats and why it is important for your business.

Coffee Corner

Navigating the Coffee Price Surge: Insights for Canadian Operators

The coffee industry is undergoing significant turbulence, impacting prices globally and, consequently, in Canada. For businesses in the Canadian vending, micromarket, and office coffee services sectors, understanding these dynamics is crucial for navigating the current landscape and anticipating future trends.

CAMA Show 2025

Join us on March 4-5, 2025, at the International Convention Centre, Toronto.

CAMA Operator Members get 2 free passes - including the Trade Show Floor, the CAMA Presentations and the evening Networking Reception - with your membership!

  • Co-locating with The Convenience U CARWACS Show
  • 200+ Companies
  • 4500+ registered industry retailers, suppliers and distributers 
  • Connect with 100s of industry leading exhibitors, the biggest brands and decision makers.

Registration open now for attendees and exhibitors.

Network with industry insiders, see the newest products and vending technology across the convenience, vending and micro market industries: see the trends and put your business ahead of the curve!

To register for the NAMA courses as a CAMA Member, contact for details.

Tech Corner:

The Rising Cost of Technology: Causes & Implications

The cost of technology has surged significantly in recent years, impacting consumers and businesses alike. Several factors contribute to this trend, from supply chain disruptions to advancements in machine complexity. Understanding these elements can help businesses better navigate the financial landscape and integrate these rising costs into their strategic plans.

Removing Language Barriers to Health & Safety Success

Look around. Does your workforce include new Canadians, temporary foreign workers or individuals for whom English is their second language?

You probably do or will be employing a newcomer sometime soon, as Canada’s 2024-2026 Immigration Levels Plan seeks to welcome 500,000 new residents annually in the years to come.

New hires, especially newcomers to the country, may bring with them a varied understanding of health and safety rights, responsibilities, and workplace hazards, thus increasing the need for thorough orientation and job training.

Welcome to New Members!

Dale’s Snacks Vending Ltd

Dale's Snacks Vending serves various regions in Saskatchewan. In August 2014 it will be 20 years! We have over 375 machines in the area. Fully electronic. Knowledge and experience is what we bring to your business.

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Jun 2024


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