Dear Future Residents,

Many of you have reached out to us for information on subletting your apartment for the summer months. If you are interested in subletting your room at any point during the 2021-2022 Lease term, this info is for you!

  • Madbury Properties allows you to sublet your assigned bed letter to someone else for a fee of $250.

  • It's your job to find a sub lessee, see below for a list of places where residents have had success in locating individuals in the past!

  • You, as the original tenant on the lease, are still responsible for making timely rent payments. The sub lessee makes payments to you and you make payments directly to us.

  • You can choose to hold a security deposit from your sub lessee. You would be responsible for collecting this deposit, holding it throughout the sublease term and returning it at the end.

  • Sub lessees need to pick up keys to your apartment and bedroom from the Madbury Commons Leasing Office. You can drop your keys off to us in the office and we will pass them on to your sublet. In order to maintain security, keys should not be passed directly from tenant to sublet.

  • The sub lessee you choose must be the same gender of the other residents in the apartment OR each resident must give written consent to living with a person of a different gender for the sublease period.

  • Madbury Properties may choose to run a background check on your sub lessee before approving them to move in. This can take several days, you're encouraged to start the process below early to ensure the sub lessee can move in on the date you both agreed to!

Organizations and companies such as the UNH IOL or Liberty Mutual will have summer interns looking for housing and many of them use those resources to find an apartment to sublet (please do not contact the businesses directly.)

  1. Locate your sublessee
  2. Send this Rental Application for them to complete
  3. Put the terms you agreed to in this Sublet Agreement and both sign, then return the document to us at the MadCom Leasing Office
  4. Wait for confirmation of your sublet's approval via email
  5. Pay your $250 sublet fee through the Resident Portal, at our office or by phone

The earliest possible move-in date is June 13th, 2021. We cannot accommodate any early move-ins.

The length of the sublet term, meaning the move-in and move-out date, is to be determined by you and your sub lessee.

Your account must be current before your sublet can move in. This means you need to have paid your rent, the sublet fee and any other outstanding balance. We cannot accept any payments from a sub lessee.

All sublets must be approved by Madbury Properties. The fine for an unauthorized person living in your apartment is up to $500 and eviction of the sublessee and resident.

Please contact us with any additional questions about the sublease process. Last summer we approved over 100 sublets and we anticipate even more this season!

Best Regards,
Madbury Properties Staff