OK, I'm registered. Now what?!

Registering to vote is the first step on the road to voting. But most people who register never show up to vote. Planning your vote is the key to being a successful voter. Use the Voting Action Plan below to put the pieces of the puzzle together. Share with friends so they can be confident voters too!

How do I figure out who to vote for?

You're voting for your future! That means you should vote for people whose campaign pledges come the closest to matching your goals.

Let's say you're a student who relies on financial aid to finish college. Candidates who will help you reach your goal will say things like:

I will vote to increase financial aid so you won't have to drop out because you can't afford to finish college.

I will vote to keep tuition low so you won't have to go into debt.

I will vote for policies that help colleges schedule required classes each semester so you can finish your degree on time.

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