"Teamwork Makes the Dream Work"
ESHCA Wellness Newsletter
April 2022
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2022 Health Benefits Review
2022 Health Benefits Review:
  • ESHCA provides a self-insured Medical Plan
  • The "Insurance Committee" (company reps) monitors costs monthly (data from MVP)
  • 2022 Premiums will remain flat
  • Saving money on health premiums increases pension contribution.
  • In 2021 ESHCA members were given a "Premium Holiday"
  • Digital communication is becoming more advantageous, consider using the following:
  • Gia
  • MVP Member Portal
  • ESHCA Online Newsletter
  • email and/or text link
  • Questions on health benefits: contact Donna (dcarney@eshca.org) or refer to your SPD
$25 April Incentive Challenge: 3rd Annual Stretch and Flex Challenge
Whether you work on the road or behind a desk, Stretch & Flex Programs are proven to reduce work related injuries and increase productivity. Use this challenge to incorporate a Stretch & Flex program into your daily routine or reward yourself for the one you are already using:

  • 1) Download the Exercise Guide and the Stretch & Flex Log
  • If you are unable to print, make your own, I will take it!
  • If you use different stretching exercises than the ones I provide, you are more them welcome to log them in their place.
  • 2) Complete 12 stretching sessions (last day to submit is 5/15).
  • Email (attach a good cellphone picture), mail, or fax me a copy of the Stretch & Flex Log verifying you completed the challenge.

  • Special offer: Get your crew involved!!!
  • Take the lead, be a "Wellness Champion". Encourage the members of your crew to participate with you, record all your names on one Stretch & Flex Log and send it in, each will receive the $25 incentive (note: ESHCA members only).

Healthy habits require practice (repetition) to become engrained as a lifestyle change. Newsletter Challenges are designed to develop healthy habits, continue to "practice":

  • 1) Drink water (January) - replacing sugary drinks with plain water reduces sugar intake 33% (average).
  • 2) Avoid late night snacking (February) - practice "intermittent fasting", do not eat after 7pm
  • reduces daily caloric intake 238 calories (average)
  • 3) Daily stretching (April) - reduces the risk of on the job injuries
April "Nutrition" Fool?
Listening to the radio, the DJ shared his weight loss story. He commented on how many people complimented him on his accomplishment and inquired about his approach. To his wonderment, most were disappointed to hear that he had started eating better and exercising more. Many probed deeper, looking for a "magic pill" or "exercise gimmick". After several similar experiences he changed his story, when asked how he lost weight he responded, "before each meal I jump up and down 100 times". Sadly, many took that as sound advice and replied they would try it!

Over 27 years as a fitness professional, sadly, my experiences are similar. I am often asked "how many crunches do I need to do to get a 6 pack" or "how much cardio do I need to achieve weight loss". While exercise can be beneficial in achieving those goals, I have had more success in communicating that exercise should be used to stretch and strengthen muscles and to condition the heart and lungs. Weight loss is more effectively achieved when one can see the benefit in making changes to their diet such as the following:

  • 1) Drink 66-99 ounces of water per day!
  • 2) Make fresh vegetables and fruits the foundation of your diet!
  • 3) Eat a combination of protein and complex carbohydrate.
  • 4) Be prepared: buy the right groceries and carry your own food.
  • 5) Adhere to proper portion sizes.

Measurable goals - monitor the following to reduce your risk of chronic diseases such as type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and heart disease:
  • Keep your Body Mass Index (BMI) below 25
  • Web search "BMI Calculator", input height and weight. Some will ask for sex and/or age.
  • Maintain your waist circumference:
  • Women < 35 inches
  • Men < 40 inches

For many, the most difficult topic in regards to improving nutrition is carbohydrates, this months article investigates that topic: Good vs. Bad Carbs
QCI Financial Wellness
You have a financial planner:
April is National Financial Literacy Month
  • Encourages one to review their financial skills:
  • personal financial management, investing, and budgeting
  • Along with it's 7 components:
  • earning, spending, saving, investing, borrowing, and protecting

ESHCA members have a financial planner (QCI) available to help review your finances. ESHCA encourages members to complete an Annual Review with QCI ($25 incentive), please see details below!

2022 Financial Wellness summary to-date:
2nd Annual March Madness Bracket Challenge!
  • Congratulations to our winners:
  • 1) LS (H&B)
  • 2) GM (ESHCA)
  • 3) GoGoGonzaga (Lancaster Development)

We had 35 participants this year (up from 22 last year). Each round was "sponsored" by a different Wellness Objective for 2022:
  1. Round 1 – Annual Physical Incentive ($200 incentive)
  2. Round 2 – Register for Gia ($25 incentive)
  3. Round 3 – Sign-up for text notifications ($25 incentive)
  4. Round 4 – Register for the MVP Member Portal ($25 incentive)
  5. Round 5 - Open the Monthly Online Newsletter
  6. Round 6 - Healthy Habits – Nutrition Challenge, "Used" Gym Membership, Smoking Cessation Program ($50 incentive)

The Wellness Program offers a number of incentive programs encouraging, motivating, and rewarding you to "practice" a healthy lifestyle. Check out the 2022 Wellness Incentive Program: