California Agents & Health Insurance Professionals (CAHIP) San Diego is bringing additional value to your membership like nobody has done before. If you work in the Medicare space as an agent/broker and are a current member

(in good standing) with the National Association of Benefits and Insurance Professionals (NABIP) this meeting is for you. 


Once a month for one hour, the San Diego Medicare Roundtable (SDMR) is where agents/brokers come together (virtually) to Share, Learn, Listen and Ask Questions with other agents and carrier representatives. If you are willing to share business and sales ideas among other Medicare agents or just want to be a fly on the wall and just listen, you can. 


Possible topics that can be discussed throughout the coming months are….


  • AEP is over, now what ?
  • Q&A with carrier representatives
  • What is OEP and how does it work?
  • What questions should I expect my clients to ask me after AEP?
  • Help me learn how to sell Dental insurance.
  • What CRM system do agents use and why?
  • What other Rx programs help seniors?

January Roundtable Speakers

Chad Knies, MBA

Reginal Managing Director


Learn more about Chad

Antonio (Tony) Barreto

Broker Account Executive - San Diego

SCAN Health Plan

Learn more about Tony

Q&A: If you have a question for one of our speakers or if you have a general Medicare question you'd like addressed during the meeting, please email us your questions no later than January 22nd.


*** We professionally ask that all Medicare uplines (GA’s, FMO’s, IMO’s etc. ) who attend our virtual meetings do not actively recruit during the meeting. If this occurs you and your company will not be invited to attend future meetings. Thank you for understanding.

CAHIP-San Diego

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