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Quarterly Newsletter | Spring 2024

Functional Academics

Over the past couple of months, Functional Math class has been centered around a hands-on learning project -- planning and creating a garden. This initiative provided a practical application for math skills, incorporating concepts such as measurement, budgeting, and geometry. Students have been involved in every step of the process, from designing the garden layout and selecting plants to calculating the cost of materials and tracking growth progress. The project has not only enhanced their mathematical understanding but also fostered teamwork, responsibility, and a deeper appreciation for nature. The garden is now a vibrant space that reflects the hard work and creativity of our students!

In Literacy & Communication, students have begun digital transition portfolios. This ongoing project is designed to help students document their learning journeys, showcase their achievements, and reflect on their growth. By integrating various digital tools, students are developing essential skills in digital literacy, self-expression, and organization. These portfolios will serve as a comprehensive record of their progress, providing a valuable resource for future academic and personal endeavors. The project emphasizes continuous learning and adaptability in an increasingly digital world, ensuring our students are well-prepared for their future transitions.

Gateway Internship Program

An onsite, student-run small business

Gateway Cafe

Our students recently demonstrated their culinary and organizational skills by planning and executing a St. Patrick's Day café special. This festive event involved creating a themed menu, preparing the dishes, and managing the café operations. From decorating the space to serving customers, the students handled every aspect of the event with enthusiasm and creativity. This project provided a wonderful opportunity for them to enhance their teamwork and communication skills.

In April, students showcased their entrepreneurial skills at the Northeast Arc Spring Market, where they sold handmade items created as part of our on-site internship program. This event provided a unique opportunity for students to apply their practical skills in a real-world setting, from crafting the products to managing the sales booth. The experience taught valuable lessons in craftsmanship, marketing, customer service, and financial transactions.

IT Help Desk

Students continue to work alongside our IT manager at the IT Help Desk. Recently, they have been deconstructing computers to understand their components, providing a hands-on approach to learning about hardware. Additionally, they have started exploring website creation, developing skills in web design and digital content management. Along with these focused tasks, students are also assisting with various as-needed IT responsibilities, giving them a well-rounded experience in the field.

Partner Spotlights:

Crumbl Cookie, Acton Discovery Museum, Brandeis Library

Thank you to our community partners for providing our students with off site internship opportunities! These experiences are so important for our students' success!

Therapeutic Instruction & Support

Daily Living Skillsled by Occupational Therapist
Emotional Regulationled bySchool Psychologist
Social Skillsled bySpeech Language Pathologist

MBTA Autism Transit Project

Two of our students participated in the Autism Transit Project through the MBTA, an initiative that empowers students with ASD to create public service announcements for transit systems across the country. Students got to write and record their own transit announcements, allowing them to let their personalities shine. Hearing their announcements played during travel training instruction provided some added excitement!

College Experience

Milestones' ongoing relationship with MassBay

provides students with the opportunity to experience higher education, navigate an unfamiliar social landscape, and improve self-advocacy by engaging in support services available on campus. Milestones staff provide executive function support on campus by appointment, replicating a realistic independent experience.

Congratulations to this semester's students!

Resources & Planning

Federation for Children with Special Needs

Special Needs Financial Planning

Department of Developmental Services



Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission

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