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September 2023


Reasons why individuals choose to join an organization vary greatly, but they all involve being connected to something bigger than themselves. Scientific research shows that having a connection to something bigger than ourselves, makes our lives happier and healthier. In the case of the Henrys Lake Foundation, your membership supports the mission of protecting and conserving the natural resources of the ecosystem in and around Henrys Lake. All donations and membership fees go directly to fund projects that support our mission.

This year we welcome eight new Life Members to the Foundation!

Tracy River

Ashley Harris

Kurt Pettipiece

Richard Sitts

Andrew and Mary Wentzel

Carl Richter

Cleo Haycock


Tracy River

New Life Member Tracy River had this to say about his decision to upgrade his membership.

“My first volunteer project in Island Park was on Henrys Lake. I had received an email from Trout Unlimited looking for volunteers to do shoreline restoration work on the lake, so I showed up. During that couple day project, I met several nice people, all belonging to different organizations. As a result of that one project, I ended up joining additional organizations, including the Henrys Lake Foundation.  Over the years I’ve learned more about the lake and what an incredible fishery it is. I have had the pleasure of meeting many of the foundation’s members and board of directors, and I have served hundreds of hours volunteering on lake projects. I believe strongly in the Henrys Lake Foundation mission. I admire and respect the board members I have met and have got to know. And I’ve appreciated the progress I’ve seen with all the projects I’ve been involved with on the lake. I decided becoming a Life Member of the Henrys Lake Foundation was a natural next step in support of the lake.”

Carl Richter

Carl Richter is a brand-new Foundation member and chose to join at the Life level. The photo speaks for itself!

 “Here is one of the biggest reasons I want to do anything I can to keep huge fish like this taking my fly and almost making my heart stop. I caught this big guy the first summer we had our place. Since that time, I’ve hooked into many more large fish (none as big) but well over 7 lbs. 

 The challenges that Henrys Lake presents keeps me going out on it every day. Some days are better than others fishing wise. But every day on the lake is beautiful. There is hardly a day when I completely forget about fishing and just stop and marvel at the lake and the 360 degree views surrounding it. 

 Everything about Henrys Lake is the reason I wanted to become a Life Member and will continue to contribute to the preservation of this lake and everything living on it and in it for as long as I can.” 


Cleo Haycock is our youngest and cutest Life Member -sorry guys. She is a third-generation Life Member and enjoys spending summers in Island Park at the Hodge Lodge with her family. 

We thank each of our members for their generous financial support as well as the giving of numerous volunteer hours. We look forward to many years of helping to protect what we all have enjoyed for years—world-class lake fishing for hybrid, cutthroat and brook trout.

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