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October 2017
Seeking Healthcare Participants for
Clean Collaborative Phase 2
Doctors and nurses
For the past two years, Plisko Sustainable Solutions, LLC and Clean Health Environmental have worked with the Maryland Patient Safety Center on Phase 1 of the Clean Collaborative i n itiative. Phase 1 quantitative and qualitative results were a success and the team is now seeking hospital and ambulatory surgical center participants for Phase 2. Facility participants typically include infection preventionists, environmental service managers, and/or patient safety officers.

Phase 1 Summary : Twenty-four facilities, including hospitals, long-term care centers, and ambulatory surgical centers utilized adenosine triphosphate (ATP) quantifiable cleaning validation instrumentation to sample pre-determined locations; input data to a secured portal; attended educational sessions; and share best practices. Thanks to the Clean Collaborative sponsor, ACME Paper and Supply , participants received Hygiena's ATP instrumentation at no cost. Participants purchased ATP sampling strips each month over one year study period.

Phase 1 Results: Eighty-eight percent of Phase 1 participants met the goal of a 10% reduction in cleaning effectiveness, as measured by ATP in relative light units (RLUs). Phase 1 focused on high touch areas in patient rooms and on surfaces in public areas, such as cafeteria tables and elevator buttons.

Best management practices for improving the effectiveness of practices included the use of engineering controls such as more automatic doors, more strategically place hand sanitizers, and increased use of automatic flushers; and behavior change such as lobby desk/shift workers becoming responsible for cleaning their own work stations at the beginning of the shift, providing immediate feedback to environmental service workers, and providing awards to employees doing exceptional work.

Phase 2 will bring together infection preventionists, patient safety officers, and environmental services personnel to focus on high touch areas in patient rooms, movable medical equipment, and nursing stations . Enrollment in Phase 2 is limited and registration will take place between November 6 and December 8, 2017.
In Loving Memory: Denise Choiniere
Denise Choiniere
Denise Choiniere
Denise, O, and Joan training for LLS Century
From LTR: Denise Choiniere, Ohuwa Furblur, Joan Plisko
It is with a heavy heart that I share with you the loss of a friend and colleague and a true champion for healthcare sustainability – on September 16, 2017 Denise Choiniere, RN, MS passed away after a long battle with lymphoma. Before her time as the Director of Oncology Nursing at the University of Maryland Medical Center (UMMC), Denise was THE spark plug for developing and implementing environmental health and sustainability programs at UMMC. Denise was energetic, inquisitive, full of humor, and steadfast in her life – both personally and professionally.

I had the privilege to work with and learn from Denise when we worked together at Maryland Hospitals for a Healthy Environment (MD H2E) -- both of us connecting with professionals from across Maryland to inspire them to action and provide guidance and support to help them have an impact in their institutions.

In 2011, after leaving MD H2E and returning to UMMC, I had the distinct honor of presenting to Denise MD H2E’s first Nursing Leadership in Environmental Health Award. Denise was recognized for spearheading environmental initiatives at UMMC, including a hazardous pharmaceutical waste management program, Earth Day events, and a weekly farmers' market.

After her diagnosis with Leukemia, Denise and I were part of a team that trained and rode 100 miles in support of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. While it was my first (and only) century ride, Denise was strong in her mind and her physical endurance. She also rode with her sister in several other century rides and participated in triathlons. She was particularly proud of her century ride around Lake Tahoe. 

Denise, I will miss your bright light, smile, and your no-holds-barred approach to life. You are a shining star, an inspiration, and leave a legacy of success in your wake. Denise leaves on this earth her husband Conrad, her two sons Sam and Alex, and countless friends and colleagues who will forever hold her dear. Denise was 48.
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