February 5, 2020
NC DHHS Expands on their Value-Based Payment (VBP) Strategy with Accountable Care Organization Model
The recently published concept paper, "North Carolina's VBP Strategy for Standard Plans and Providers in Medicaid Managed Care" provides a lot of detail on strategies NC DHHS will employ to support the expanding use of value-based payment (VBP).  While their support strategies are optional, the paper also details the State's contractual expectations for Prepaid Health Plans (PHPs) to use VBP and the payment incentives that will be available to payers and providers. The Value Based Payment paper also introduces a new concept with an old soul-Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs).  

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Care Management: A Core Function in the BH/IDD Tailored Plan  
The vision for Medicaid Transformation includes many new concepts. None may be as central to the achievement of whole person care as care management provided to Medicaid beneficiaries who are in the BH/IDD Tailored Plans. Every member of a BH/IDD Tailored Plan, with few exceptions, will receive care management services. NC DHHS recently released a draft provider manual for those organizations that are working to be certified as either an Advanced Medical Home Plus (AMH +) or as a Care Management Agency (CMA).  Only these agencies and the BH/IDD Tailored Plans will be able to provide the care management service.  The State has published an application for a first round of submissions by organizations that is due by February 21, 2020. The BH/IDD Tailored Plan is tentatively scheduled to be implemented in July 2021.

JUNE 15-16, 2020
i2i Spring Conference 
i2i will host its yearly Spring Conference at the Hilton North Raleigh hotel on June 15-16, 2020.  We are seeking proposals for presentations at this event through March 9th.  Easy online application.

Look for Sponsorship and Exhibit information in early March and registration opens mid-April.  

Embedding State-Funded BH/IDD Services into Tailored Plans and More
The new NC DHHS policy paper on State-funded BH/IDD services lays out a plan of action to create a more statewide, standardized approach to State funding. The paper indicates the State's intent to move to a centralized decision-making process for eligibility, as reflected in the emphasis on the statewide structure described below.

Integrating Voices of System Users and Families Key to Successful System Transformation  
Report on Consumer Caucus by Sarah Potter and Laurie Coker
The i2i Center is extremely pleased to be able to share this important report from the Pinehurst conference Consumer Caucus meeting that provides a venue for convening consumers and advocates to discussion critical system issues. 

This year's meeting  focused on the need for system change to be informed integrally by the voices of system users, family members, and those who - by lived experience - come to know what helps and what does not help promote healthier outcomes.  The report includes discussions on:

Value - purchasing real results for people's lives

Time for  organizing advocacy across the divides 

Using  technology to unite voices

Informing users on  Medicaid changes 

Read full report

Feds Offer Medicaid Block Grant "Healthy Adult Opportunity" for Medicaid Expansion Population    
The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has published an executive order that allows States to apply for a Medicaid block grant program beginning on January 30th called "Healthy Adult Opportunity." The program allows states to convert a portion of Medicaid into block grants for "able-bodied" adults 19-64 years old who are a part of the Medicaid expansion population.  This block grant option would not impact Medicaid eligibility for individuals who qualify for Medicaid based on a disability or who are in need of long term care services and supports.  It is geared toward adults who are presumably able to work.   States will have the opportunity to:

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Trillium Health Resources covers the entire coast of North Carolina. Our residents are frequently impacted by hurricanes and severe weather.  We are looking for providers who want to make a crucial difference in our communities during the stressful time after such storms. Providers can make a huge impact by becoming a member of our Hurricane Shelter Response Team.  

Interested providers do not have to currently be contracted with Trillium and can be located anywhere in North Carolina.

What You Need to Know about HEDIS 2020   

HEDIS 2020 is here!   Are you up to date on all the new changes to the timeline and measures?
The Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set (HEDIS®) was created by the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) to measure the clinical quality performance of health plans. This is accomplished through the collection and analysis of data documenting the clinical care received by individual plan members from providers, influenced through activities and programs delivered by the health plans. The data is aggregated and reported collectively to reflect the population-based care received by the plan's membership. These reports have become a major component of quality rating systems that measure the clinical quality performance of health plans....READ MORE

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NC Division of MH/IDD/SUD launched  ComplexMHIDD-NC.org  offering  information and resources to provide an overview/guidance on such topics as communication, trauma, behavioral health crisis, and medication for caregivers and families.

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