May 2015
Vicki Boeckman teaching
photo by Bill Stickney
Improve your recorder playing with the ARS!

The ARS Members' Website - a great resource for self-improvement.
The ARS website has a wealth of practical advice for the amateur recorder player. If you are not familiar with the website, you will be surprised at the riches available. Here are a few. (Note, the blue links will get you to the right pages, but to enter you need to be an ARS member.)

1.    Get a recorder teacher.
Pretty obvious, but the website has an extensive list of Recorder Teachers and there should be one near you. It is tempting (and cheaper) to "go it alone", but a good teacher can make sure you get into good habits.

These are useful mainly for beginners, but all can learn something from them. They are well made by experienced recorder educators. 

Think you're pretty good? Have a look at the stages of this program and see where you really stan d and then advance from there.
from Tony Griffiths
photo by Barbara Moon and Tony Griffiths

4.     Consort handbook 
For most of us, our recorder lives are lived mainly in consorts. This section has some great advice written by experienced teachers, for example techniques of renaissance and baroque ornamentation.

Yes, all this and more is available to you as an ARS member.
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