New year brings new products,
packaging and prices
As we embark on a new year, we are excited about all of the new things coming our way at L’BRI. This includes our updated Spring/Summer 2022 catalog launching February 1, 2022!
In this update you will find:
  • New and improved packaging for some items.
  • A few new products!
  • A subtle change to our pricing structure.

Over the next few weeks, remember to only order as many catalogs as you may need until the new catalog is available for ordering at the end of January.
Slight price increase effective February 1
L’BRI is committed to our mission of offering affordable and effective products.

The new pricing structure will allow us to begin transitioning to whole number pricing. This means most prices are full dollar amounts ending in ".00" and will be easier to communicate with your customers. We are also passing along a small price increase to correspond to cost increases we are incurring.
Here are a few examples of the increases you will see in the next catalog:
Aloe Jelly
2021 price: $18.50
2022 price: $19

Add a Serum to a Set
2021 price: $19.50
2022 price: $20

2021 price: $60.50
2022 price: $65
Flawless Finish Liquid
2021 price: $22.50
2022 price: $25

Sparkling Fresh Multi-Surface Cleaner & Spray Bottle
2021 price: $26.50
2022 price: $28
Free Shipping threshold and shipping fee increasing
We will also be adjusting the Free Shipping threshold from $65 to $75 as of February 1. This increase will coincide with the price increase and the higher order totals that will naturally increase.

For customer orders less than $75, an $8 shipping fee will apply, up from the current shipping fee of $6.75.
We will have additional information for you as we get closer to February 1.

For now, just remember:
  • A price increase is an automatic raise for you!
  • Encourage your customers to grab their favorites in January and take advantage of 2021 prices while they can!
Stay tuned for more updates
Additional pricing and product details will be confirmed and communicated over the next couple of weeks, and with the release of the new catalog. If you have any questions, contact Customer Care at