Dear Friends,

I come to wish you a Blessed Easter, and to rejoice with the whole world. Christ is Risen! Heaven has been won for us! Alleluia!
You already understand, that as a Little Sister of the Poor, we can be transferred from place to place, Home to Home. Now is that time once again that God is asking me to leave Pittsburgh and to serve at another location.
This is to inform you that as of Monday, April 17, I will be leaving Pittsburgh, resting for a few weeks in Baltimore, and then go to Washington D.C., which will become my new Home. 
I am grateful to God for the opportunity He has given me to serve here in Pittsburgh for many years. God has blessed me in abundant ways. I can truthfully say, that as a Little Sister of the Poor, I have always been happy, wherever I have been asked to serve. We know that everyone has good days and some bad days in life. The rock we can hang on to is the assurance of knowing that we are never alone – God is showing us the way and accompanying us on our journey. To know where God is leading us is the greatest Gift – the Blessed Assurance is that we are on God’s Road. Despite distance, we will all be there: Praise be God.
I close now with the assurance of my prayers for you daily and I ask you to remember me from time to time in your prayers.  

Love in Jesus, Mary and Joseph,
Sr. Mary Vincent l.s.p.
Little Sisters of the Poor
Sts. Peter and Paul Home
1028 Benton Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15212-1607
(412) 307-1100