An important message about requests for information.
Dear Member,
Recently, Kyle Hopkins from the Anchorage Daily News in conjunction with PROPUBLICA requested information on local law enforcement from some of our members.  They wanted name, BIRTHDA TE , and dates of employment for VPOs between 1/1/17 to the present.  While he states that this "information is a matter of public record under AS 40.225.110, " our legal counsel says the statute is silent on the matter of birthda tes .
With good reason, members have some concerns about the potential privacy issues surrounding releasing the birthdates.  Kyle wants the information to help differentiate people with the same or similar names.  He has agreed that a middle initial and a Jr./Sr. suffix may suffice. Again, this is NOT for publication but simply to make the research more accurate. You can release the information in the normal timeframe without the birthdate . P lease let the AMLJIA know if you have questions .

Kevin Smith
Executive Director