Announcement of the departure of the Executive Director

It is with great regret that we announce the resignation of Ama Maria Anney as Executive Director of Breast Cancer Action Quebec. Because BCAQ had not put in place the preconditions for Ama Maria to take on the role of Executive Director, she found herself in a very difficult, if not impossible, situation.

In her short tenure as Executive Director, Ama Maria accomplished very important work. She organized groundbreaking events and a province-wide political mobilization, secured important funding, developed essential partnerships, organized team and board organization assessment process and much else. Prior to her becoming ED, Ama Maria had been Health Education and Strategic Development Coordinator where took leadership roles representing BCAQ politically at both the provincial and federal levels and in important partnerships, secured important funding, developed and gave original analyses and presentations, initiated a ground-breaking research project on the Racialization of Breast Cancer among many other contributions. Prior to that, she had been an active board member, a member of the human resources committee and volunteered developing an important new program. In all her roles, she was always an important leader on intersectional feminism. Her influence on the organization has been profound. 

We would like to thank Ama Maria once again for everything she has accomplished at BCAQ, what she has taught us, her devotion to environmental justice, her frankness and transparency, as well as her goodwill with the team, the Board and the members of BCAQ! 

BCAQ will now take this time to examine fundamental questions of our structures, practices, organizational culture, funding and workloads and start the process of building a healthier organization that better incarnates the intersectional feminist and anti-racist values it holds.

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