Bartlett Aquatic Center News Flash

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Dear Bartlett Aquatic Center (BAC) Guests and Community,

Have you ever perfectly planned a home improvement project timeline only to have it delayed by circumstances beyond your control? If so, we hope you will understand our current situation. Unfortunately, due to a back ordered turbine pump the opening of Bartlett Aquatic Center for the season will be delayed.

Back in fall 2023, the Park District began a construction project to remove and replace the existing aging filtration system at Bartlett Aquatic Center. The project was moving along as scheduled until the Park District was alerted by its contractor, the needed turbine pump was back ordered from the distributor. Unfortunately, the filtration system cannot operate without the turbine pump. Please know, Bartlett Park District team members are maintaining constant communication with the contractor and distributor to ensure our project is prioritized, as well as taking additional measures to ensure Bartlett Aquatic Center can be operational on the earliest date possible. Based on current information we anticipate Bartlett Aquatic Center to open Thursday, June 6th.

Starting May 25th, we have arranged for Bartlett Aquatic Center season passes to be honored at Coral Cove Water Park at Carol Stream Park District until BAC opens. In addition to providing access to Coral Cove, our very own Splash Central indoor pool will be available for temporary open swim hours with early access for BAC passholders.

Included below are the hours of operation and addresses for those two facilities. Also included are the addresses for the Park District’s two outdoor spray playgrounds which operate from 11am-7pm beginning Saturday, May 25.

We will continue to keep you updated on the progress and look forward to soon welcoming you to the Bartlett Aquatic Center. Thank you for your understanding and patience.

Coral Cove Water Park

849 W. Lies Road

Carol Stream

Coral Cove Water Park ( May 25-BAC opening

Monday-Saturday: 11am-7:30pm

Sunday: 11am-6:30pm

Splash Central Indoor Pool

700 S. Bartlett Road

Splash Central (

Temporary Open Swim Hours:

Monday-Friday 12:30-5pm (Early Access for BAC passholders ONLY 12:30-1pm)

Saturday & Sunday 1-6pm (Early Access for BAC passholders ONLY 1-1:30pm)

FREE Spray Playgrounds

Leiseberg Park 325 E. Devon Avenue

Blue Heron Park 350 Blue Heron Way