As 2016 comes to a close, we are proud to have introduced PEMF to many more people who have brought an iMRS or Omnium into their homes or clinics. The stories that you share make it exciting for me to get up for work every day.  
"My knee pain is so much better", "I have way more energy throughout the day", "I am much calmer when I do my mat sessions","My vision has improved!", "I don't wake up at 3 am anymore",  "I've stopped taking Oxycodone", " I sprained my ankle and it healed so quickly using the probe".

Each new owner who is diligent about their daily, or twice daily sessions discovers big and small changes along the way.  We are on this journey together and at 
Healthy Spaces we provide resources for you to make the most of this amazing healing tool.  Owner education events, The Pulse newsletter and our YouTube channel are a few of the ways we support our owners.  We also encourage you to send an email or pick up the phone if you have questions about how to best use your system.  

Since 99% of the American public does not know about PEMF,  it is up to each of us to tell our friends and family that there is something worth trying to improve their chronic pain, deepen their sleep and empower them on their wellness journey.  

2017 can be a much better year for those who are struggling with their health.  Please spread the word.  There is a great special ($1400 in free upgrades) for the month of December.  Your friends will thank you and we will thank you. 

Wishing you a happy and healthy holiday season.

Pulse on!  

Brainwave Entrainment and Pain Relief

Exciting new research recently published in the European Journal of Pain demonstrates the pain relieving properties of brainwave entrainment technology.

Scientists at The University of Manchester in the UK have shown for the first time that if the brain is 'tuned-in' to a particular frequency, pain can be alleviated. They found that a short presentation of auditory and visual stimuli, oscillating in the alpha range (equates to the OmniBrain and iSLRS 'noon' frequency setting) can have a pain relieving effect on acute laser pain, with the largest effect following the 10-Hz visual stimulation.

The health benefits of PEMF therapy and brain entrainment technology can complement each other very well and many of our clients already use both together to great effect. If you would like to benefit from adding our brain entrainment technology to your experience, please give us a call.  We would like to offer our current owners a 20% discount if you purchase this option by the end of January, 2017.

From Dr. Joel Carmichael's book, Magnetic Resonance Stimulation

Sore throat - Use the probe applicator for eight minutes directly aimed at the larynx (mid-way between the chin and upper portion of collarbones).  At  200-400.  Note that the larnyx or voice box is located at the "Adam's apple" higher in the throat than the thyroid glad.  Aim the probe as specifically as possible by lightly feeling the firm cartilage at your Adam's apple.  (we suggest starting at a lower setting and working up to this.  For children, use intensity at half the recommended amount for adults)

Influenza - For prevention and strengthening the immune system, use the whole body mat applicator one to three times daily.  A morning application should use an intensity setting of 25-50, or higher if desired.  An intensity setting of Sensitive or 10 should be used before bed.  Applications can vary in time from 8-24 minutes.  (do not use the mat if you have a fever over 100 degrees)  

The iMRS and Omnium are designed to enhance the vigor, energy and health of every cell in the body, thereby making disease, infection, pain and inflammation less likely to occur - and when they do occur, are more rapidly                                                                 resolved.  
Warranty Issues and Repairs 

Swiss Bionics has implemented a new online repair system and owners are encouraged to submit their own requests for quicker service.  Go to and fill out the online form.  You must have your Customer ID which is located on your invoice, and your Serial Number, located on the back of your console or tablet.  If you cannot find your ID, there is a place to request it.  You will then briefly describe your problem and submit your repair ticket.

We are always happy to help troubleshoot your device first, and if we determine that a repair is necessary, we can assist in submitting the repair order.  We are finding, however that it is most efficient if you do it since the office will communicate directly with you to arrange a repair or replacement.  

As a reminder, your iMRS has a three year warranty, the iSLRS and iMORE each have a six month warranty and the Omnium, one year.  (An extended warranty program has just been offered on the Omnium for an additional charge).   We have seen very few problems with the iMRS and the initial challenges with the Omnium have improved with later versions.   Your device should serve you for many years with proper usage and care.  Always give us a call if you have any concerns about your equipment.  


Helpful Websites
  •  - Hermina Danneil's membership site - highly recommended for healthcare professionals and owners who desire indepth information.
Informational Books
  • Magnetic Resonance Stimulation - Maximizing the Field by Dr. Joel Carmichael  Available for $155 from Dr. Carmichael's office (303)290-8342
  • PEMF: The Fifth Element - Bryant Meyers - available on Amazon
  • Healing is Voltage - Dr. Jerry Tennant, M.D. - available on Amazon
  • The Body Electric - Dr. Robert O. Becker, M.D. - available on Amazon
  • Practice of Magnetic Field Therapy - Dr. Christian Thuile, M.D.
  • The Healthy Conscious Traveler- Dr. Robyn Benson- available on Amazon
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