Restoring the Foundations

Biblical, Historical, Christian Principle Approach


Christendom Bible College is delaying the beginning of classes as we muster our resources. We are pleased to report that many people have expressed interest and support for our vision of a foundational education concentrated on the humanities, with uncompromising freedom to teach and learn from an unapologetic biblical and Christian-principled approach to the subjects. Of course, this type of training in humanities was key to building the old Christendom, and we believe will key the rebuilding of the New Christendom in the days ahead.


Last week, our President, Dr. Kevin Clauson, represented Christendom Bible College at the County Before Country conference in Batavia, Ohio, and met many families with a high degree of interest in our school. Most of their potential students, however, were still too young to attend at this time. He is happy to report, though, that the interest is strong among those who understand and appreciate what we seek to accomplish.

Still, the age-old challenge of resource scarcity compels us to regroup and redeploy in the quest to provide the best environment and best education, for the right students—students who share the vision, and want to share in the work of Restoring the Foundations.

Please consider contributing financially to the continuance of our mission if the Lord leads you. It is critical that we increase our revenue prior to matriculating our first class, to ensure that when we begin, we do so from a position of strength, in all ways. And please pray for us to proceed with wisdom, prudence and stewardship, as we seek to rebuild the Christian Academy in the days ahead. We are changing our timetable, not our commitment to the vision. We also appreciate you putting us in touch with either students or contributors who may have an interest in what we are building. 

We appreciate your prayers and continued interest, and wish you all the best. We will continue other activities and updates, so please continue to check out our social media pages, and as always, feel free to contact us with questions or requests for more information.

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