Lake and Pool Use Update

Dear Campers

Our family is feeling a bit nostalgic since we removed the two lifeguard stands from the beach recently.  Several of us have been lifeguards, including Randy, Desiree, Christi, and Joshua; and Randy built the redwood lifeguard stand around 1978. 

Why did we remove the lifeguard stands? 

For the first time ever, a lifeguard shortage is occurring, and it is affecting beaches and pools all over. A number of factors created the shortage and it is well covered in the news and on the internet. As anyone who has ever been a lifeguard knows, it’s harder than it looks but lifeguarding has always managed to be a well-liked summer job by mostly teens. Over the past several seasons we struggled to find qualified lifeguards, which why is there was no lifeguard after 4 pm last summer however, campers were permitted to swim and watch their kids in the water.

How does this affect my use of the lake or pool?

This means that starting this season, Fish Lake Beach is officially a “swim at your own risk” and 'boat at your own risk" lake. 

  • Children must be watched.
  • No one must ever swim alone. 
  • There will not be a lifeguard on duty at the lake.
  • Rules for the beach will be posted prominently.
  • A safety ring with rope will be hung by the Rules, with a reminder that it isn’t a toy.

Everyone who boats on the lake, regardless of the type of watercraft, must wear life jackets and use safe boating practices. For example, no standing in the watercraft and watching the weather-if it looks like a storm is coming, get off the lake. 

FLB Staff will periodically walk the beach looking for safety issues and compliance with the posted rules. If someone is not following those rules, they will be asked to leave and possibly lose the right to boat or swim on our lake. For everyone’s safety, we need complete cooperation.

Regarding the pool, we will have a lifeguard for weekends and some weekday coverage.  

We plan to supplement with pool attendants on busy weekends. Pool attendants will be adults without lifeguard training, that are present to enforce safety on the deck and adherence to the pool safety rules.  Kids’ night on Thursday evenings will have a lifeguard and pool attendants.

Somedays the pool will have to be completely “swim at your own risk”. The pool has cameras so if anyone is reported or seen breaking the rules, we can look back on the video, and we will take away pool privileges. Our staff will be assigned to randomly check the pools and decks for compliance during the hours of operation. For the safety of everyone, there will be consequences for not following the posted rules. Most importantly, it’s going to mean that you will need to be within the pool fence and watching your kids when they are in the water.

It is not uncommon to have Swim at Your Own Risk pools and beaches at campgrounds, but it is a new practice for us and we hope the transition will go smoothly.

We want you to have an enjoyable and safe lake, beach, and pool experience at FLB, and with your cooperation and compliance with the rules, and by keeping safety a priority, we’ll all have a great summer! 

We look forward to seeing you!

For current and accurate seasonal camper information, look to the NEWS SECTION of the Fish Lake Beach website, our Facebook page and Seasonal Group page on Facebook.