New Legislation and Advocacy Tools
The Federation is involved at the national level in monitoring
legislation, funding and advocacy opportunities and resources
that could aid your work as the voice for families.
New Legislative and Advocacy
Section and Facebook Page
We've made changes to our website to
help you find the resources you need
to advocate.

  • Learn how to keep up with news and updates
  • Finding your legislator, state Medicaid Director and state Mental Health Commissioner
  • Tips on committees
  • Live streams of the House and Senate
  • Information on highlighted National legislation
  • Information on highlighted legislation from the states
  • State tabs where, for each state, you will find:
  • The General Assembly page
  • How to find your state legislator
  • Link to state legislative advocacy organization
  • Links to the live stream sessions from the state
  • Tips on how to advocate
Join the Conversation!

We've also started a Facebook Page just for Legislative and Advocacy News and resources. It is a great way to keep up with what is going on in all the states and to share what is happening in yours.
Taking a Closer Look
The Stay Up to Date Page
Here you will find:

Like and Follow Us to find the latest posts about specific legislation and advocacy both in individual states and Nationwide. It is a great way to not only keep on top of legislation in your state but to be able to learn what is happening in other states and how they are addressing the challenges.
The National Advocacy Page
Here you will find:
The From the States Page
Here you will find:

State Specific Information
We have collected state specific information, which is listed under your state flag. Where available, you will find:
  • Links to Legislative/Advocacy Organizations
  • Your General Assembly Home page
  • How to find your State Legislators
  • Direct Live stream to your State House and Senate
The Advocacy Toolkit Page
Here you will find:
  • The Basics
  • Tips on Helping You Learn to Advocate
  • Tips on Writing and Speaking
Legislative and Advocacy Updates
Our Legislative and Advocacy Updates are emailed monthly to provide in depth updates on legislative activities that effect you and the families you serve.
There are four sections:
  • The latest on National Legislation
  • Updates on the advocacy efforts of the Federation as part of the Mental Health Liaison Group
In the News
  • Top Headlines involving Behavioral Health Legislation/Advocacy
  • Calls for Recommendations
Enhancing Your Advocacy
  • Resources you can use as you advocate and work with stakeholders
  • Upcoming Listening sessions or trainings around advocacy and legislation
From the States
  • Listing state specific hot topic legislation or advocacy issues
The Legislative and Advocacy Update is only sent to those who subscribe.
Be sure you are signed up!
Staying Connected
None of this works without you!
We need your help staying up to date with what is happening in your state.

When there are legislation and advocacy opportunities that are important in your state,
please share them with us so they can be shared via Facebook, our State Legislative Slideshow or our monthly Legislative and Advocacy Newsletter.

If you find or create resources that could be added to our advocacy toolkit to benefit others, please send them to us.

As we enter some very busy legislative time, if there are ways the Federation could be helpful
to you on a state level, we welcome the opportunity .

The Federation's Legislative Liaison is Michelle Covington.
She can be reached at