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What are the Medicare ABCs?

Medicare provides health insurance for those 65+, and younger individuals with certain disabilities or end-stage renal disease. It includes Part A (hospital care), Part B (doctor visits and outpatient services), Part D (prescriptions), and Part C (combination plans), with Parts A and B covering 80% of costs. Medicare requires monthly premiums for Parts B, D, and Medigap plans, with annual adjustments to premiums and coverage.

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New Colon Cancer Detection

In March, the New England Journal of Medicine published findings that a blood test by Guardiant Health detected colorectal cancer in 83% of people who had the disease.

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New Cancer Guidelines for Ex-Smokers

The American Cancer Society recommends annual lung cancer screenings for ages 50 to 80 who have ever smoked, as early detection improves survival rates. Medicare Part B covers these screenings up to age 77 for current or recent smokers with a doctor's order.

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June is Pride Month

We’re proud to say our family holds human beings of every age, size, shape, color, and gender as well as a rainbow of different nationalities, religious/spiritual practices and even political opinions. Yours probably does, too.

When Jerry Pearlstein Insurance started over twenty years ago, all insurance providers could discriminate based on pre-existing conditions. We made it our mission to find insurance for individuals and families that wouldn’t drop your coverage if you got AIDS. The Affordable Care Act now demands major medical health insurance providers take care of everyone.

It seems to us that while the number of people who wave the rainbow flag has increased, June can be a month where everyone feels proud.

Do you do a good job? Are you kind? Do you take your responsibilities seriously? Do you take good care of yourself?

Then stand up a little taller. Pat yourself on the back. Wave your own flag.

This month, heck every month, show your pride.

Father's Day Gifts

We get to work with men who are the best dads. They’re an every day gift to their spouses, kids and our whole society.

Caring. Planning. Acting. We give our love and thanks for the gift of fathers doing their best for their families and for us all. Happy Fathers Day!

Insuring First Time Dads

First time dads are fun, of course. They’re serious and excited, a bit scared and totally in awe of fatherhood. It’s interesting that dads who lived through the economic chaos of 2008/09 in their formative years are careful planners. They accept strong responsibility for providing as much safety and stability for their family as possible. We take helping them very seriously.

Insuring Dads in Transition

Unfortunately, the job market still has big swings. “This is going to be a huge bonding and learning experience for me and my kids”, one dad who lost his job told us. “We’ll get through it safely. We’ll be better for it.” We are left in awe by such courage and commitment. We’re proud to offer COBRA & Alternative Zoom seminars the first and third Wednesday of every month.

For the link, just email Rebecca. Better yet, call 847-362-8888 for a free, no obligation consultation.

The Gifts of Medicare and Long Term Health Care Insurance

After twenty years of helping fathers take care of their families, we’re happy to help them take care of themselves. Using all the benefits of the right Medicare plan to stay healthy is a gift to themselves, their spouses and their kids. And we’re working with a third-generation dad. He’s grateful his grandfather and father planned in their forties to pay for their long-term care. Now we’re helping this inheritor of longevity to do the same with new, more flexible and cash-available programs.

Cobra & Alternatives: Free Zoom Seminar
Join our Zoom seminar “COBRA & Alternatives” every first and third Wednesdays at 10:30am

This program is designed to assist you in understanding your options in the complex landscape of health insurance after separation from your employer. We’ll discuss how the COBRA program works as well as the options available in Private Health Insurance (PHI) so you can make the best decision for you and your family.
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