December 21, 2021

Dear Members,

In an effort to further protect our members, we are requiring that everyone within Fencers Club, whether or not they are vaccinated, wear a face mask at Fencers Club at this time.

Compliance with this FC policy will be enforced by FC Staff as well as each of our coaches.

If a person is at Fencers Club and does not have a face mask they will be asked to wear one and offered one if they do not have one (Comparable to a yellow card).

Should they then choose to not wear their face mask that day they will be told to do so by an FC Staff member and/or coach and given a final warning (Comparable to a red card).

Should they again be without a face mask that same day, they will be told to leave the club and that they cannot return to FC until the next day (Comparable to a black card).

Should someone be a repeat offender and be told to leave the FC on more than one occasion, the matter will be brought to the Executive Committee’s attention for its consideration of appropriate action.


Thank you for your consideration.



Fencers Club

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