Laurent Lore
March 2021
New Zealand's borders remain closed to most would-be travelers. The Government is not giving any hints about when this will change, partly because the decision relies upon how other countries manage the spread of the coronavirus and the rollout of vaccines.

Still, we have been kept busy in the meantime, solving numerous unusual situations presented by the COVID-19 situation and the Government's ever-changing response to it.

In this issue we'll cover a couple of repeated themes in our recent work:

  • Entry for partners of NZers
  • Reconsideration of onshore visa declines
  • Renouncing NZ Citizenship (oddly enough)

Auckland has been having short-term lockdowns, which means that we can't receive visits at our office in Grey Lynn during those times. If you or someone you know need to meet with us, then we can still have useful consultations by Zoom or by Skype. Contact Roxanne at Reception on 09-630-0411, or by email, to set up a time.

Simon Laurent
How Do Partners Qualify?
In our previous newsletter we explained the main pathway for the partner of a NZ Citizen or Resident to enter the country, despite the border closure.

Over the last few months we have learned more about what works, and how to help people who have run into a brick wall. In a recent blog I describe how there is more than one way to get through this, and who can use these different methods.
Reconsiderations - The Movie
In most cases nowadays, if you are in New Zealand and Immigration NZ declines your temporary visa application, you have a chance to get that decision reviewed.

Watch the vlog to find out how this works, what you need to do, and the short time you have to do it. Although this was recorded during 2020, it is still just as relevant today.
Renouncing NZ Citizenship
We have been getting a number of enquiries from people who want to give up NZ nationality. This is usually because their home country does not allow dual citizenship.

Sahar Shamia explains when and how you can apply, and the legal consequences of doing so.