Your Mom's been admitted to hospice.
You live far away.

You're flooded with memories.

Years ago when she took you to college, she hugged you and laughed through her tears ...

"Honey, don't you know?
My job is to give you roots and wings!"

You landed a dream job in another state, got married and had kids. Your Mom always found ways to be there for you. With you.

In person and across the miles.

She encouraged you to follow your own path, even when it meant living further away.

You still carry the key ring she slipped into your hand that freshman day: "Roots to stay grounded. Wings to fly." 
You want to be there, with her.
It's complicated.
  • Your job gives you only a little time off.
  • When do you go? Now or later?
  • "I need wings to get back to my roots!"

Care giving is hard on your brother.

  • He needs your support.

You make plans to go. In the meantime ...

You want to know ...
What kind of care will this hospice give?
  • You go to their website and look around.

You ask your friends about their experiences with "hospice."

  • You go to other hospice websites to compare and critique.

You come back to this hospice's website.

You come across their online video library,
"Family Support Through Serious Illness."
You choose a video called "What Matters Most?" and realize that decisions and care for your Mom need to reflect her roots and wings, not yours. What matters most to her. Not the trial drugs you've been pushing her to try.
You see a group of videos called "Across the Miles." You smile, "Cheers to those wings Mom gave us!"
More video titles catch your eye, like how to tend your children's needs. (Oh, they love their Grandma!) Like, how different kinds of loss and grief--before--affect how each of us copes with this, now. Yes. 
Your brother texts you:
"Want to meet a couple of Mom's hospice team members?
Ask questions?"

Sure!  How?  When?  Now?!
Your Mom and brother are meeting with a couple of your Mom's hospice team members for a "comprehensive assessment." They value your input. With your permission, they email you a HIPAA Compliant link to setup a quick web meeting.  All you need is your smartphone, iPad, or computer.
Wow. You see the hospice social worker, your Mom, and your brother. They're all together at your Mom's kitchen table. (Now you are, too. Sort of! You can almost reach out and touch that familiar tablecloth.)
You meet another person who's joined in from their office.
You ask questions and get answers.
You feel reassured.
Suddenly, you know people who are caring for your Mom, not just roles or names.

It only took about 15 minutes.  And, your brother and Mom feel supported by your presence together-- with  these professionals.
Today, you experienced ...
A new kind of roots:
a confidence in professionals who are grounded in skillfully, compassionately tending your Mom's end-of-life needs.

A new kind of wings:
meaningful interactions with professionals and your family. These were all about supporting your Mom through her journey, ahead. The web meeting was easy, fast, secure, and connected you across those many miles. 

Soon, you'll go.  You'll be with your Mom through some of her final days

 " Mom, don't you know?     
 It's my turn to give YOU roots and wings."

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