IJC Voice
Summer 2022
Volume 12, Issue 10

As we enter mid-summer, our hearts are brimming with gratitude.

We are just thrilled to have Loyola House filled with retreatants and training program participants! Our fall retreats and programs are filling up fast!

The Ignatius Farm is a hub of activity with gardeners tending to their plots and farmers working in the fields.

The Ignatius Old-Growth Forest project has been gathering seeds, planting trees, and working on forest restoration.

This is made possible all because of YOU! And we humbly thank each and everyone one of you.

Here’s just some of the buzz from the folks who’ve been at the Centre….

  • Loyola House breathes ecological/creation reminders. I leave humbled, open-minded, careful to keep this eco-spirituality alive. Plant-based amazing meals! “Felt” spiritual presence. Quietude & solace lived is palpable.
  • Ignatius Farm’s New Farmer Training Program has helped me to keep on learning about best practices in farming. I was thrilled to be able to attend these workshops as another means of ongoing learning!
  • Volunteering in the Old-Growth Forest Project has taught me to build bridges – both physically and metaphorically.

With gratitude and prayers for your well-being,

Roger Yaworski, Executive Director
Loyola House - Retreats & Ignatian Training
Looking to go on retreat? Check these out:
  • 8-Day Directed Retreats - October 16-24; October 27-November 4 - contact Registrar at registration@ignatiusguelph.ca
  • Soil to Soul Retreat - August 11-19 (commuters only)
  • Contemplative Activism Retreat - September 29-October 2
  • Ignatian Spirituality Retreat - October 5-10

Training Programs:
  • Exploring the Heart of Ignatian Spirituality - November 17-December 9

Deep silence leads us to realize that prayer is,
above all, acceptance.

~ Henri Nouwen

Ignatius Farm
This just in from the fields...your 2022 small but mighty Ignatius Farm Team!
  • Missing out on fresh veggies? The Late Summer CSA share begins the week of August 30 - sign up today!
  • There is always something to do at the Farm and we sure could use your help!! Why not join the Farm team for a Community Field Day...or come for 2 or even all 3! August 13 & 27 and September 17. Find all the details and register here!
  • Are you eager to learn about sustainable agriculture? The New Farmer Training Program Registration is open and it is FREE this year! Sign up for a single event or for a whole term at efao.ca/events or go to efao.ca/Ignatius-new-farmer-training for more details.

Get all the details and more by reading July's Farm E-News here!

There's one more thing! Find out here about The Universe of Soil Workshop with Ralph Martin, to be held on Tues. Aug 16 from 2-4pm at the Farm. There is no need to register, just show up at the Farm Workshop!

Old-Growth Forest Project
Planting Trees
There is much growth in the meadow!
Rebuilding a bridge
We are so grateful for all of the help we get from our dedicated volunteers!
So far this summer, we planted more than 400 trees, shrubs, and herbaceous plants; we removed enough buckthorn to connect two previously fragmented pieces of the Old-Growth Forest Project; AND we completely removed and rebuilt a bridge that was in serious need of attention. Our regular volunteers will be taking a much-needed break in August, but we will be back in September with more events. If you would like to volunteer with us, please sign up here.
Moving on from the Ignatius Old-Growth Forest Project
Well… after 7 years working at the Jesuit Centre’s Old-Growth Forest Project I will be moving on to new adventures. I am full of gratitude for the experiences, growth, community and shared visions for a better world that I’ve encountered here. I feel blessed to have been part of the Ignatius family and have felt truly supported in my work and spiritual journey.

To those who have collaborated, donated, and worked so hard to protect and restore these lands; literally thousands of hands have touched the soils and waters, and with each tree planted hope for future generations, I extend a heartfelt thank you!
The people, forest, rivers, accomplishments and memories will always stay with me.

In gratitude, Martin Tamlyn 
Sharing some other opportunities with you...
The Villa is Open!

IJC’s lovely St. Brigid’s Villa is open for bookings. This beautiful self-contained one room building is a short 10-minute walk from Loyola House. The Villa is equipped with a full kitchen and seats up to 45 people. For more information or to book, please contact Andrea at ascapinello@ignatiusguelph.ca.
Bill Clarke - July 20, 2022
by Gregor Y kennedy*
a clean glass of cool water
will smile in deep summer,
will even sweat some on its sides
in kind keeping with your thirst

purity has a name
you’ll never sneak up on
because its everything is said & done
with the simplest of transparencies

and here is the lesson
lived gently by the redbud in spring…
it flowers splendid before it leaves
and only after you were taught
do you look back & remember:
               “By God! It was pure glory!”

Bill Clarke is 90,
the young son of one whole village
of trees in whose center sits
a quiet park with a clearing
at its heart where many souls
for many years have come to celebrate
in keeping with his kindness.

*Greg says that he is playing with his name