Vote Pro-Life! Vote Yes on #1!
Don't Let What Happened in Kansas Happen Here!

FINALLY! Tomorrow is Election Day!

The national election has major implications for the pro-life cause. Whether it's the Presidential or Congressional elections, there is so much on the line, including the tax-payer funding of abortion, the Supreme Court, and much more. Make sure you vote pro-life!

In Louisiana, the election has heightened importance as our Love Life Amendment is Amendment #1 on our ballot. We have been working on this amendment for 18 months now!

By passing this amendment, we will take one more important step toward building a future in Louisiana without abortion! It will enable us to save lives for generations to come.

Amendment #1 will prevent the abortion industry from getting judges to declare a right to abortion in the Louisiana Constitution, just like what has happened in 13 others states, including Kansas in 2019. As I was quoted in the Advocate, if it happened in Kansas, it can happen here! But not if we pass Amendment #1!

Regardless of the outcome, I am so grateful to every donor, volunteer, and staff member who has made our Love Life Campaign possible. Thank you for your tremendous sacrifices for life!

I have included below some things you can do today and tomorrow to help pass the Love Life Amendment. You still have time to help us reach undecided voters!

For a Pro-Life Louisiana,
Benjamin Clapper

Sign Wave With Us on Election Day; Remind Voters About the Love Life Amendment!
There are a number of sign waving events planned around the state tomorrow to remind drivers headed to the polls to vote yes for the Love Life Amendment. If we pass the Love Life Amendment, it will ensure that there is no right to abortion or the taxpayer funding of abortion in our state Constitution. We need your help! Will you sign up for a time slot, or contact the organizer in your area, and help us make the final push to pass the Love Life Amendment?

PULSE Weekend Immersions are Back! Acadiana Event is Just Days Away!
Have you registered for our Acadiana PULSE Weekend Immersion that's set for this weekend at Camp Stillwater in Abbeville? High school and college students make plans to join us Friday through Sunday and become educated, trained, and inspired to become a pro-life leader in your school and community! There are still spots available, but they are going fast! It's our first overnight PULSE event since COVID-19 hit, and we are excited to be back with our students!

Can you help our Louisiana Black Advocates for Life team, who will hold a giveaway of baby supplies in New Orleans on Saturday, Nov. 14? Please donate today and help provide New Orleans mothers and babies with needed diapers, formula, and more! Supplies can be dropped off at the Louisiana Right to Life office, or monetary donations can be made online. The goal is to serve at least 250 families that day.
The 2021 Proudly Pro-Life Gala is set for Saturday, Jan. 16, 2021, in downtown New Orleans. Benjamin Watson, former tight end for the New Orleans Saints, and his wife, Kirsten, will be the Proudly Pro-Life keynote speakers and Proudly Pro-Life honorees for their pro-life leadership and dedication throughout Benjamin’s 16-year pro-football career. Will you become a patron or buy tickets to this event?
One U.S. Senate seat and all U.S. House seats for Louisiana are up for grabs during this election cycle. If you haven't voted yet and plan to do so tomorrow, please be informed about the candidates. Do you know where the candidates stand on life issues?
If you haven't already, Geaux Vote tomorrow and help us pass the Love Life Constitutional Amendment! There are a number of other important races on the ballot, and your voice deserves to be heard. If you still have questions about the amendment, click below.
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Sanctity of Human Life Sunday

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