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March 2024
A publication of Idylwood Civic Club
March comes in like a lion, goes out like a lamb!

This was first published in the “Catalogue of English Proverbs” in 1670. One theory is that the proverb is based on astronomy and the positions of the constellations. At the beginning of the year, we have Leo the Lion (eastern horizon); by the end of March, it’s Aries the Ram (western horizon). 

Spring starts officially with the Spring Equinox on Tuesday, March 19
… and don’t forget there will be a total solar eclipse viewable in Texas on April 8!
President's Corner
Hello Neighbors: Thanks to our lively committees and task forces, our Spring calendar is filled with a variety of activities. You will find our most recent calendar in this newsletter with dates for neighborhood cleanups, an Easter party and a wine-tasting event. Our February Civic Club meeting with newly elected Council Member Joaquin Martinez was very well attended and we had a great discussion with CM Martinez. Many thanks to Irma Niño and Carmen Martinez for hosting a wonderful crowd.

On March 9 at 10am, the Centennial Task Force committee will meet to discuss, plan, and schedule activities for the Idylwood 2028 Centennial Celebration: Karen & Barney Giesen’s home, 6740 Meadowlawn Dr.
Contact Karen at

Our March 19 meeting will be at the home of Monique & Bill Studak, 6720 Sylvan Rd at 7 pm. We will spend much of our meeting time in committee groups and task forces. Before we break into committees, we will have 2 short discussions for the entire group:
  1. Possibility of amending our deed restrictions to address the growing problem with Airbnb-type rentals
  2. Our newly formed Safety Task Force, chaired by Laura Manion, and the parameters our Civic Club members would like to see addressed by the Task Force regarding the recent and ongoing safety concerns in the neighborhood.
Focusing on Idylwood committee meetings has proven to be both popular and productive. We also like to stay informed on neighborhood events, so if you have a suggestion for outside speakers or topics, please contact me at Similarly, we still have 2 openings for hosting: June 18 and September 17. Please let me know if you would be willing to host.
Best Regards,

Diane Schenke
Idylwood Civic Club
Go Vote!
Harris County Primary Elections take place on Tuesday, March 5th. Click the links below to view the sample ballots for our Precinct 0218.
Idylwood Health & Wellness
Click on the flyer to view it in your browser with links.
Spring Fest in Spurlock
There are 3 separate tab options on the Sign-Up form:
  1. Volunteer - Event Setup, Cleanup, Bake Sale Attendant, Egg Hunt Assistant
  2. Bake Sale - Human and dog treats welcome
  3. Donation - Egg Filler items & Golden Egg Grand Prizes

If for some reason you are unable to edit the Sign-Up form online, contact Irma Niño with your details at:
Save The Date - details to follow!
Registration opens April 1st. Details from the Centennial Committee will be announced soon.
Your Civic Club at Work
Repair work has been completed on the large stormwater drain located at the SE corner of the park.
... and the tennis courts at Mason Park have been resurfaced. Pickleball is now an option, although you'll need to bring a portable net to accommodate the alternate court set up (thanks to Tim Bachle for the photo & Pickleball info).
Art Stairs Mural Project - Update
Thank you to all who voted in the Idylwood Art Stairs Mural Project proposed for Spurlock Park. We had an amazing turnout in just a few days of voting. The community favored the finalist design by Bradly Brown whose creation staggers Whimsical Bayou Creatures all over on the stairs. Bradly lives on Rockbridge Lane and is a Gallery Director and Professor of Art at San Jacinto College. We are very excited to see his artistic vision translate to reality in our park. 

We want to thank our other amazing Idylwood artists who submitted designs for the project. Robin Whalan of Sylvan Road submitted the vibrant, bright, and colorful design, asking "Could This Be The Place Where All The Good Things Begin?" Tony Hurtado, who also lives on Sylvan, saw the staircase featuring the rolling hills of Idywlood colored with earth-tones. Each artist will be receiving an appreciative stipend for their design submissions.

The Civic Club will work with Bradly to seek final approval from the City for the design, which has already been submitted. Depending on the City's sign off, we are hopeful the art project will be installed sometime this spring. As we continue to coordinate with Bradly on the execution of his design, we will be in touch about potential dates for volunteer work days to those who have expressed interest in participating in this community-based art project.
Want To Do Some Spring Cleaning?
Saturday, March 23 from 8:00-11:30am is the 30th Annual River, Lakes, Bays 'N Bayous Trash Bash®. There are two Brays Bayou sites this year: Mason Park and Kuhlman Gully, which is across S. Wayside from the Gragg Park complex. Click below for full details on either site and the volunteer requirements to participate.
This city-wide event will include t-shirts, lunches, and all supplies provided for volunteers.
Saturday, April 6 from 8:30-11:30am will be a beautification and pocket prairie planting event at Dawson Lunnon Cemetery, 5737 Kemp St, 77023, across from the METRO Operations Facility on Polk St near S. Wayside. Dawson Lunnon Cemetery is a historic African American Cemetery along Country Club Creek. Click for details on the cemetery's history.

All supplies will be provided, and this event is kid friendly. Contact Amy Dinn at for more info.
Save the date! Saturday, April 27 from 9-11am will be our Idylwood Spring Cleanup day. More details to come in our April newsletter. We will be making plans for this event at our next Civic Club Meeting on March 19th. Please join us for our committee planning session.
Finally, the Idylwood Board will be submitting a letter of support for a proposed trash boom on Brays Bayou. Galveston Bay Foundation is applying for a grant from NOAA for a trash boom on Brays Bayou upstream of Idylwood somewhere between Lidstone Bridge and Telephone Bridge. This trash collection initiative would help reduce floatables downstream of I-45 and help us maintain our beautiful bayou vistas in Idylwood.
Upcoming Dates
  • Mar 02: Texas Independence Day
  • Mar 04: Recycling
  • Mar 05: Tree Limbs & Yard Waste
  • Mar 05: Harris County Primary Elections
  • Mar 09: Centennial Task Force committee meeting
  • Mar 10: Daylight Savings Time - Spring Forward!
  • Mar 11: Start of Ramadan
  • Mar 17: St. Patrick's Day
  • Mar 18: Recycling
  • Mar 19: Civic Club Meeting @ 7pm, 6720 Sylvan
  • Mar 23: Idylwood Spring Fest
  • Mar 25: Holi - Hindu festival of colors, love & spring
  • Mar 31: Easter & the birthday of César Chávez (¡Viva La Causa!)
  • Apr 01: Recycling (no foolin')
  • Apr 02: Heavy Trash
What Can I Do To Make Idylwood Safer?
  • Write to the Brookdale Village apartment owner and ask him to get some security personnel or cameras:
  • Gary Gates, 4448 Holmes Rd, Richmond, TX 77406
  • Rep. Gates - Texas House of Representatives address: Room E2.506, P.O. Box 2910, Austin, TX 78768, (512) 463-0657
  • BVAPT LLC / Gates Company: 2205 Avenue I Suite 117, Rosenberg TX, 77471-2651

  • Get involved at the apartments to help the hardworking residents: 
  • Walk over there.
  • Volunteer with Catholic Charities. They have office in Apartment #138 and work with residents on Mondays and Fridays.

  • Call in gunshots when you hear them. Address is 6113 Gulf Fwy:
  • Building 13 is closest to MacGregor and Sylvan
  • Building 26 is closest to Brays Bayou and Red Roof Inn
  • HPD non-emergency # is 713-884-3131
  • Constable # is 713-274-3400
  • It’s usually a 9mm handgun (they’ll ask)

  • Consider getting a camera aimed at the street:
  • To get a license plate, you need either a camera with a zoom or a dedicated license plate camera.
  • If you have a camera and would like to register it with the Idylwood Citizens’ Patrol, please email Jake Goldstein: with your address. We will not publish any info, not your pictures, your name or your address, but we will organize to send pictures confidentially to HPD when asked.

  • Get politically involved. Gun laws, police resources, drug laws, mental health resources, immigration policy, poverty and housing policies are all political decisions. Your local, state, and national politicians should hear from you on what you want.

Recommendations from our Citizen Patrol
in coordination with local law enforcement
Keep in Touch With Your Civic Club
Idylwood Pet of the Month
There's a new hound in town......
And his name is Beauregard!

Beau, a Beagle mix and approximately one year old, comes to the neighborhood from the BARC rescue shelter. You will know he's coming your way when you hear his classic signature Beagle howls. Any foxes better hightail it out of Idylwood!!

As you might imagine, he has all the energy of a puppy! He loves to run and jump…boy... can he jump! Beau is very affectionate and never misses a chance to meet a new person. We are working on getting him trained not to jump up. So be warned - he will stand on his rear legs and look for some lovin' from everyone he meets.

Beau tends to get very excited when meeting other dogs, so please don’t be offended if we cross the street to avoid any unpleasant confrontation. Cats and squirrels are his arch enemies. Unfortunately, for now, he loves to dig and my backyard looks like several land mines went off! Oh well, puppies will be puppies. All in all he is a great little buddy that gets me off the couch and out walking. Beauregard is truly man's best friend!!

Submitted by Larry Brown - Wildwood Way
Neighbors: Submit your pet(s) to be featured in upcoming newsletters by sending 1-3 photos with a short story about your best friend(s) with the subject line "Pet(s) of the Month" to:
Friendly Reminder From The Pets
For the health and safety of all neighborhood pets and people,
please scoop our poop!
Garden Club News
Please watch for email meeting updates from
Garden Club Meeting Dates and Times

First Saturdays of the Month from 10 am-noon
(Possible exceptions for Labor Day and New Year's Weekends-then it's the 2nd Sat.)
New members are welcome to join us!! Yealy dues are $20.00!!

The "2023-2024" Garden Club Year!
Look at our great lineup !

Sept. 9, 2023: host: Irma Niño and Carmen Martinez on 6625 Meadowlawn; Speaker: Lynette Freeman - topic: Container Gardening
Oct. 7, 2023: host: Peggy Wallace on 6736 Sylvan; Speaker: Amber Leung- topic: Bird Friendly Communities
Nov. 4, 2023: hosts: Amy Dinn & Jake Goldstein on 6724 Sylvan; Speaker: Liliana Cracraft- topic: Herbal Mexican Folk Medicine
Dec. 2, 2023: hosts: Patricia Hattenbach & Jim McCallum on 1404 N. MacGregor Way; topic: Holiday Pot Luck Brunch and Fun Gift Exchange!!
Jan. 6, 2024: host: Robin Raasch on 6655 Rockbridge Lane; Speaker: Dany Millikin; topic: The Houston Botanic Garden on Park Place
Feb. 3, 2024: Cancelled due to rain. The tour of the Edith L. Moore Sanctuary has been cancelled and we hope to offer this fieldtrip in the fall.

March 2, 2024: hosts: Rosie Pesina & Hugo Banda on 6641 Fairfield;
Speaker: Tommy Garcia-Prats - Founder of Finca Tres Robles; topic: Vegetable farming in Houston

April 6, 2024: hosts: Diane and Dan Kopfensteiner at the Lamar Towers; topic: Tour of the Urban Harvest Market and Thompson & Hanson's Nursery /brunch
May 4, 2024: host: Sally Lehr on 1704 Idylwood; topic: Neighborhood Plant Sale!

For more information, contact the Garden Club President:
Patricia Hattenbach at or at 713-724-9608
"Bee" Mindful of the "Weeds" in Your Lawn !!

It's early spring and our lawns and flowerbeds are starting to show signs of new growth. Yeah!! At first glance, you'll see small to medium sized blooms of white, yellow, lavendar, and pink. Bees are particularly attracted to the nectar from the small white or pink flowers that bloom in the spring.
How lovely to have this springtime color that you didn't even plant!

Then, on the second glance, you'll realize that some of these are actually what many call "weeds". But wait... take a breath and put down the chemical spray!! These are helpful early spring flowering plants that serve as needed food for bees, wasps, butterflies, and other insects. Our usual annuals and perennials are not blooming yet and these little pollinators need nurishment. These plants will not last too long and will naturally give way to the warmer weather.

What weeds, flowers and trees are on the pollinator menu? Several common examples that may benefit our pollinators include henbit, purple dead nettle, dandelion, violet, clover, ground ivy, henbit, horseherb, vetch, and more. Other early-season bloomers include: crocus, hyacinth, primrose, hellebore, maples, redbuds, cherry laurel, willows, and oaks.

Remember that bees, wasps, and butterflies help to spread pollen needed for the life of so many of plants. Leave as many of these "weeds" in your landscape as you can and refrain from applying pesticides. As these plants die off, let them decompose and become mulch and nutrients for your soil. As you add fertilizer and water, your soil will get healthier and bring additional beauty to your yards and gardens.

All the buzz about honey bee effort -
Hewlett Packard, Hives for Heroes, and AI !!!

Wow! What a combination of resources to create a honey of a deal for so many people! This fascinating article explains how the Hewlett Packard team in Spring is home to over 200,000 bees that are managed by verterans transitioning from service. AI is used to help analyze every aspect of the bees and hives to monitor their health and productivity. These pollinators are on the decline and this partnership is providing needed help for their survival along with supporting verterans return to their everyday lives. Click the link below to the February 20, 2024 article in the Houston Chronicle.

Houston Botanic Gardens
March 2024 Events

Regulating Mind, Breath & Body
March 9 10:00 am - 11:00 am
Qi Gong mimics the movements of nature and animals, making it perfect for practicing outdoors. In this session, Qi Gong and Yoga instructor Lee Ann Hilbrich presents a well-balanced approach, with a yang-activating portion to warm up the body, and then a yin-relaxing portion to help the awakened energy flow through the meridians. Utilizing breath, movement, and visualization, Qi Gong can help to reduce stress, increase strength, and connect you to the seasons.

Create in Nature
March 11 9:00 am - 2:00 pm
There is no better muse than nature, so, this spring break,
the Garden’s BotaniCamp will tap into the beauty that surrounds us
to inspire campers to craft creative and amazing things.​
BotaniCamp connects students currently enrolled in Kindergarten through 5th grade with plants and nature through thoughtful and diverse lessons,
as well as hands-on activities. ​

Story Time in the Garden with Park Place Regional Library
March 15 10:30 am - 11:30 am
On the third Friday of each month, our friends at the Park Place Regional Library will present a 30-minute storytime in the Garden at 10:30 a.m.
Children of all ages and their parents / care-givers are invited.
50 free admissions are available for each storytime, on a first-come,
first-served basis. Registration is required.

An Epic Journey Through the Garden
March 16 10:00 am - 1:00 pm
March for Monarchs will take participants on a journey through the Houston Botanic Garden, designed to mimic conditions along the route the butterflies follow on their northern migration from Mexico to their summer breeding grounds in the northern United States. At each station, participants will learn everyday things they can do to help protect monarchs on their long journey. The event will culminate with a backyard celebration, welcoming the monarchs to their breeding grounds, with food, sweet treats, crafts, games, and
info on how to make your backyard a wonderful home for monarchs.​

Raising Bees in Top Bar Hives
March 17 10:00 am - 11:30 am
In pursuit of sustainable beekeeping practices, the Houston Botanic Garden houses its bees in top bar hives. In this class, we will explore how the structure of top bar hives mimics hives that bees create for themselves in the natural world, and how this type of hive is more manageable for bees and beekeepers alike. We will also demonstrate how easy it is to build a top bar hive, with easily accessible and affordable materials, and 
go over some basic top bar hive beekeeping techniques. In addition,
we will share plans for the type of top bar hives used at the Garden,
as well as sources for top bar hive kits.​ 

The Nervous System
March 23 10:00 am - 12:00 pm
Come learn about the original medicine, which grows all around us and that you can cultivate in your own garden. Plants! In the this latest session of the Back to the Roots herbalism series, you will learn about herbs and lifestyle practices that support the health and vitality of the nervous system. 

In Partnership with EPA & Houston Health Department
March 24 2:30 pm - 3:30 pm
The Houston Botanic Garden is situated in a unique physical location, along Sims Bayou between a freeway and the Houston Ship Channel. For too long, the air we breathe has been a bit of a mystery. Through a grant from and in partnership with the EPA and the Houston Health Department, the Garden is looking to help people better understand exactly what is in the air we breathe — and what we can do to make it the best if can be — through a series of panel and roundtable discussions focused on air quality in our region.​

Be sure to confirm March's event details & fees by clicking the link below:
Visit these areas throughout the Botanic Garden:
The Island
Natural Ecosystems
South Gardens ~~ Community Garden

Ticket Window: 713.715.9675 ext. 100
Vegetable Garden Planting Dates Chart
Do you want to know exactly when to plant vegetables and herbs in your garden? Click here for Texas A&M University's yearly planting calendar for Harris County. You may want to print this out for future reference.

Tree Planting Guide For Houston
As our Idylwood trees age, succumb to disease and storm damage, and grow too close to our homes and power lines, we sadly see these marvelous companions disappear. Now is a good time to start researching the best trees for your yard to properly fit your needs, desires and space.

The Houston Area Urban Forestry Council has a fabulous planting guide for trees in the Houston area. This guide is packed with all the basic info you need when considering planting new trees.

Happy gardening!
Remember: COH Tree Trash Gets Turned Into Mulch
When Picked Up on The First Tuesdays of Odd # Months
Keep in mind that trimmings from trees, shrubs and bushes can be placed on your curb for the city's Tree Trash pick-up on the first Tuesday of odd months.
Thanks for your membership and love of nature! 
Let's keep Idylwood beautiful and safe!
Kind regards,
Patricia Hattenbach 713-724-9608

2023-2024 Officers:
President: Patricia Hattenbach
Vice President: Nicole Wood
Secretary: Amanda Cai
Treasurer: Peggy Wallace

Thanks again to Jim McCallum and Patricia Hattenbach for providing the Pet and Yard of the Month write-ups and photos.
It's wonderful to learn more about our great neighbors!
Yard of the Month
The Idylwood Garden Club’s Yard of the Month for March 2024 goes to Jo Ann and Paul Malague at 6623 Park Lane.
Jo Ann and Paul moved to Idylwood in 1997. They spent almost two years driving every street, every day looking for new listings. “Back in 1995-1997 there were no internet listings, just signs in the yard. The market was so hot homes rarely went more than a day without a contract,” Jo Ann remembers.

Jo Ann was born and raised in Houston. Paul is a “transplant” from New York but has lived in Houston most of his life. Jo Ann has lived in the East End area (Denver Harbor and Magnolia) her entire life. While “Paul lived in Cypress before getting married and being transplanted to Idylwood,” Jo Ann says.
Jo Ann loves “the cute charm of the area and homes” of Idylwood and the neighborhood is also near downtown and Jo Ann’s extended family. The couple have two daughters, Amber and Jade who have grown up here in Idylwood. Jo Ann says, “We love the community and all the Halloweens and Christmas decorating we have shared with them through the years. The Halloween trick or treating parties are our most fond memories.”
What makes their home on Park Lane so special is that the Paul and Jo Ann were able to “completely remodel our home in 2014-2015 and were able to have all the amenities of a new home.” 

They both love the neighborhood’s many stately trees and its interesting topology of hills which is a perfect setting for “our quaint cottage home.” One of the more striking features Paul and Jo Ann added to their home is the handsome brick and stone front porch with decking and casual furniture. 

Another feature is the lovely front door where Bruschetta, the Australian Shepherd, always provides an enthusiastic welcome.
Jo Ann is the gardener in the household, and she loves working with a variety of flowers in both her pots and front beds. Jo Ann says she travels from nursery to nursery picking out what she likes and what she thinks will work in the yard. She says she loves color and variety but claims not to “have knowledge about any of it” and just “hopes the flowers make it thru each season.” The plants in Jo Ann’s pots and beds include Day Lilies, Impatiens, Spiraea, Easter Lilies, Day Lilies, Hydrangea, Society Garlic, Phlox, Coreopsis, Amaryllis, White Agapanthus, and Canna Lily.
As far as landscaping features go, Jo Ann enjoys changing out the plants in her various pots and tries to make the front and back yards more attractive and interesting. They also added a stepping stone walk from the driveway to the front porch.

click the link above for access to their website

March 2024

Planting Guide
  • Plant tomatoes by the middle of the month for a spring harvest. Plant peppers, okra, cucumbers, eggplant, climbing spinach and more. Use Cottonseed Meal or a liquid organic fertilizer like MicroLife Ocean Harvest for an abundant and healthy harvest.

  • Plant fruit trees, shade trees, and ornamental trees. Be sure to apply mulch around the root zone to keep moist and avoid weeds. Make sure trees are watered regularly during first few years of growth, while tree is getting established. Add mycorrhizae to planting hole to also aid establishment of the tree. Use Super Thrive or Root Stimulator every few weeks for the first three months after planting.

  • Plant shrubs such as roses and azaleas. Use Super Thrive or Root Stimulator every two weeks for the first few months after planting.

  • Plant Sun Perennials Shasta daisy, rudbeckia, gaillardia, verbena, coreopsis, lantana, perennial salvias, bee balm, porterweed, mist flower, jatropha, skullcap are some of the many we offer

  • Plant colorful shade perennials like firespike, shrimp plant, Persian shield, leopard plant, cat whiskers, ruellias, turk’s cap, sweet potato vine, creeping jenny, and many more!

  • Plant color annuals such as marigolds, fuchsias, petunias, osteospermum, perilla, bachelor buttons, coleus, forget-me-nots, dusty millers, annual phlox, geraniums, impatiens, begonias and more!

  • Start seeds or set out plants for spring flowers and herbs. Plant now and get established before heat sets in. Good herbs to plant include basil, dill, chives, cilantro, fennel, oregano, mint and parsley. (Come on in and see our wide selection). Use a dilute solution of Kelp Me Kelp You to improve vigor.
Mow lawn to help eliminate weeds. Keep weeds cut back to prevent flowering and re-seeding. Fill bare patches with St. Augustine sod. Apply lawn food after three mowings. At this time the grass will be actively growing and it is a good time to apply Micro Life or other lawn fertilizer.

Prune roses. Now is the time to begin applying rose food on a monthly basis. Use Rose Glo, an organic fertilizer we keep in stock.

Prune trees and shrubs while dormant. If you need assistance with the proper way to prune your crepe myrtles, let us know~!!! Don’t butcher the poor things. Prune spring-flowering shrubs such as azaleas, spireas, and redbuds after they’ve bloomed. Feed with Nutri Star or Micro-life, once after they bloom and then again in June.

Clean birdbaths and feeders. Keep feeders full!! Birds are hungry. We sell feeder cleaning supplies in the bungalow.

Put out hummingbird feeders. We are expecting our first sighting any day now! To keep birds at your feeder, maintain a fresh nectar supply, and empty and wash the feeder each time you refill. Hummingbirds remember where they find a reliable food source –so if your yard is one of them, they’ll often return year after year.

Apply dormant oil to smother insects before they become a problem. Apply to hollies, magnolias, and camellias for scale. Release Lady Bugs to control insects like aphids and whitefly.

In mid-March, move houseplants outside into shade and repot if necessary. Feed with an organic liquid fertilizer like Kelp Me Kelp You by Bushdoctor.

Fertilizing & Mulching
Feed Hibiscus, Bougainvillea, Plumeria, with Nutri Star. This will help plants to put out new lush growth and plenty of blooms.

Spread a fresh layer of mulch around trees, shrubs, and beds to protect roots, retain moisture, and prevent weeds.

If going out of town, alert your neighbors and request a Vacation Watch from Precinct 6 Constables. Click HERE to access the form.
Please keep an eye out for unusual activity and report to HPD (713) 884-3131 and the Constable's office (713) 274-3400. Please keep your home and cars locked at all times. Report any incidents to ALL authorities;
more reports = more patrols.

HPD is moving to a National Incident Based Reporting System (NIBRS). To view crimes reported to HPD from Jan-Sep 2023, download the HPD Excel file here and sort by zip code or beat. Our beat is 11H10, which includes several zip codes.

A screenshot of last month's crime map is below. To interact with this map, including date ranges and area, go to Community Crime Map.
Jake Goldstein and Steve Palmer co-chair our patrol group and report the group’s collective 30 patrol hours per month to HPD. Please contact Jake if you are interested in volunteering with our citizens patrol group.

Having a patrol presence in the neighborhood is a crime deterrent and a great way to give back to our community.

Please join us! More information on HPD's Volunteer Citizen Patrol is available here.
Stay Informed!
Check out info about the neighborhood, including downloading a copy of the deed restrictions here.

Report a pothole, get your trash bin repaired or replaced, report a problem with a traffic signal, missed trash pickup, and more.

Call the East End District at 713.928.9916 during business hours with the tagged address, intersection, and colors.
Stay Connected!
Great way to connect with East End residents. It’s a great place to report or look for a missing pet, announce a garage sales, put out a crime alert, etc. This site is endorsed and its use encouraged by HPD. Sign up here


Google Email Group - Idylwood Neighborhood Exchange
If you are not currently a member and would like to join, please send an invitation request to
If you have something you would like to see published in the Newsletter, drop us a line. Comments or concerns?
Let us know how we're doing.
Idylwood Officers and Directors 2023-2024
PRESIDENT: Diane Schenke (Fairfield)
VICE PRESIDENT: Keith McCarthy (Merry)
TREASURER: Nicole Wood (Idylwood)
SECRETARY: Monique Studak (Sylvan)
Directors: Class A (two-year terms ending in December 2025):
Patricia Hattenbach (N. MacGregor); Tim Johnson (Wildwood); Danika Murphy (Rockbridge); Irma Niño (Meadowlawn); Richard Vela (Lindy)
Directors: Class B (two-year terms ending in December 2024):
Beth Barrette (Meadowlawn); Amy Dinn (Sylvan); Joshua Espinedo (Meadowlawn);
Jeff Klemm (Merry); Paul Leggett (Merry); Laura Manion (Meadowlawn)
Post Office Box 9225
Houston, TX 77261-9225