September 8, 2022
MBR Journal: John Pontillo, Celia Bravard, Andrew J. Hoffman, Paul Polman
“What’s the game we’re playing here? For whom are we playing it?” How can managers and leaders build a new approach to capitalism that will benefit both business and society?
Forbes: Sarah Keohane Williamson
“Is there a different narrative that unites us on the benefits of climate investing rather than making it a divisive issue in American political debate?” (also see Can the Inflation Reduction Act Kill Coal, Humanely?)
NPR: Alina Selyukh, Andrea Hsu
What’s happening with American workers, and what are the implications for business? (also see MLB Asked To Voluntarily Accept Minor League Union and Dollar Store Workers in the South Have a Labor Movement. Just Don’t Call It a Union)
BBC Future: Claudia Hammond
“Imagine you are in a fight with a grizzly bear. And you’re not armed. It’s just you against the bear in a straight fight. Who do you think would win?” (also see An Economist Studied Popular Finance Tips. Some Might Be Leading You Astray)
PBS NewsHour: David McHugh
What’s Russia’s game, and can Europe refuse to play? (also see Why Has Russia Cut Off Gas Supplies to Europe?)
Poets&Quants: Marc Ethier
A number of schools “report a marked decline in MBA applications in the last cycle.” Is that good, bad, or too soon to tell?
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