September 15, 2022
What difference does a bank’s color make? (also see The World Really Is Getting Better)
“I used to tell my niece I worked in a chocolate factory, because I would come home covered in oil. I do feel ashamed of what I do.” How can those who work for destructive companies and industries reshape their futures? (also see From Driving Cars to Driving Sustainable Change, Oil and Gas Workers Connect With Green Jobs and Gen Xers and Millennials, It’s Time To Lead. Are You Ready?)
Outside Business Journal: Andrew Weaver
“His thinking followed the path he has famously trod for years: bucking conventional corporate trends and redefining what entrepreneurs are capable of when they wield their businesses as social tools.” How is this leader finding new ways to thread the needle between profit and purpose?
Reasons to be Cheerful: Eric Krebs
From novelty to cutting edge, is “floatovoltaics” the wave of the future? (also see Reasons for (Cautious) Optimism: The Good News on the Climate Crisis)
Forbes: Shivaram Rajgopal
“What are the exciting areas in finance? What career paths should students consider? How do current economic conditions affect these career paths? What skills and courses should students focus on?” (also see There’s a New Cop on the Banking Beat: Chief Climate Risk Officer)
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