October 6, 2022
Harvard Business Review: Laura Amico, Amy Bernstein
What can be learned from 100 years of management thinking? “In this essay, two HBR editors outline the original purpose of the magazine and explore how “a proper theory of business“ has evolved to include a broader definition of management — and of who a leader can be.”
Big Think: Hannah Ritchie
“Pessimism blocks solutions. If we always believe that the worst will happen, then what’s the point in starting?” (part of an issue asking What Should Progress Look Like?)
Politico: Cynthia Barnett
Anthropocene: Sarah DeWeerdt
Does the cost-benefit calculus change if green tech is more like computers than fossil fuels? (also see Our Solar Powered Future Is Already China’s Reality and The Climate Economy Is About to Explode)
ProMarket: Cory Doctorow, Rebecca Giblin
Why does the winner-take-all streaming model disadvantage creators and allow top companies to “operate without the usual rules that apply in highly competitive markets”?
How did the seasonal become so inevitable? (also see The Chocolate Bunny Wars)
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