~ November 25, 2021 ~
This Thanksgiving collection asks: How can we improve the many ways we grow and distribute food? (also see Celebrate Indigenous History this Thanksgiving)
MarketWatch: Charles Passy
There’s no such thing as a free lunch, so what’s going on?
AP News: Anne D’Innocenzio
Is cannibalizing Black Friday sales worth worker stress and overtime holiday pay? These retailers are saying no. (also see Breaching the ‘Psychological Contract’? Working on Holidays Can Damage Mental Health)
From design to sale and beyond, what does the "right to repair" change for both companies and consumers?
Vox: Terry Nguyen
How can we shift our approach to consumption in ways that benefit society, and ourselves?
Kellogg Insight: Jessica Love
What are the keys to being a thoughtful consumer and donor? (also see I’m a Therapist to the Super-Rich: They Are as Miserable as Succession Makes Out)
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