~ May 5, 2022 ~
The Aspen Institute Business & Society Program: Lindsay (Kawennenhá:wi) Brant, Kate Rowbotham
How do traditional Indigenous worldviews connect to contemporary business concepts like stakeholder theory and sustainability? These educators discuss this and more in our interview on their Ideas Worth Teaching Award-winning course, Relationships and Reconciliation in Business and Beyond.
"We are very much the Airbnb or Uber of relief": How has one businessman managed to translate new models of capitalism into one of the world's most successful aid organizations? (also see "Hey, Guys, We Can Really Do Something!")
The New York Times: Henry Fountain
As drought hits early and reservoirs reach historic lows, what can communities do? (also see Don't Let Climate Change Take All the Blame)
Financial Times: Rana Foroohar
Why does this author argue that the current conception of stakeholder capitalism doesn't go far enough? (also see Why I Don't Love the Term Stakeholder and Revealed: Top US Corporations Raising Prices on Americans Even as Profits Surge)
Why can't you buy Magic Masala chips in the U.S., and what does the answer say about the challenges of innovation?
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