May 18, 2023
“I think it’s important to think of GPT as a tool not a creature”: How will we wield it, and for whom? These articles continue the discussion over the role of AI in business, the economy and society. (also see AI ‘Cheating’ Is More Bewildering Than Professors Imagined, An AI Challenge Only Humans Can Solve, and AI Will Be a Gold Mine. The Only Question Is Who Benefits.)
CNN Business: Chris Isidore
As politics increasingly encroaches on the relationship between government and business, how should CEOs respond? (also see Disney v DeSantis: What’s at Stake for Florida as Legal Tug-of-War Ramps Up?)
Up for debate: What’s more ethical, legal “piracy” or “legally dubious” Robin Hoods?
ProPublica: Anjeanette Damon, Byard Duncan, Mollie Simon
Isolated bad actors or a pervasive culture: Who is to blame for unethical business practices?
Reasons to be Cheerful: Dimitri Selibas
How can economic incentives help protect the environment, jobs and communities? (also see To Fight Deforestation, Amazon Guardians Embrace a Tech Boom)
Poets&Quants: David Marchick, Sue Duke
If “most green jobs of the future will result from the greening of traditional jobs,” what will that mean for traditional business education? (also see Conclusions About MBA Programs From a Major New Poll)
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