~ May 12, 2022 ~
Institute for New Economic Thinking: Juliet Schor
"Who benefits from continued carbon pollution and land-use changes? Who pays the cost?" This four-part lecture series discusses the role of economics and policy in addressing climate change. (also see Are Business Schools Blocking Climate Action?)
The Guardian: Lauren Aratani
How are companies navigating the business pitfalls of these structural and political issues? (also see Companies Are Stuck Between Their Workers and Politicians and Yellen: Eliminating Abortion Rights Would Have "Very Damaging" Effect on Economy)
Winning the transition: "how can we address the climate while keeping stranded assets from crashing the economy?" (also see What Would Happen if the Insurance Industry Stopped Underwriting Fossil Fuel Projects?)
McKinsey: Kevin Buehler, Eric Chewning, Arvind Govindarajan, Ezra Greenberg, Martin Hirt, Ritesh Jain, Mihir Mysore, Sven Smit, Olivia White
From individual lives to global trends, what factors will determine the direct and indirect impacts of the war in Ukraine? (also see How Russia's War in Ukraine Is Changing the World)
Rest of World: Andrew Blum, Carey Baraka 
How does the infrastructure behind the internet, and who controls it, matter for society and for business? (also see Public Interest Technology: Bridge to the Future)
Reasons to be Cheerful: Hannah Wallace
Is "reconciliation ecology" one path to better balancing human development and environmental conservation? (and because we could all use more good news, see New Mexico Offers Free Child Care to Pretty Much Everyone and This High Schooler Invented a Low-Cost, Mind-Controlled Prosthetic Arm)
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