May 11, 2023
Planet Money: Greg Rosalsky, David Autor
Weighing positive and negative scenarios: What does this leading economist predict for AI and the labor market, education, inequality and more? (also see This Historic Writers’ Strike Matters for Everyone – Not Just Hollywood)
How do incentives affect decision-making, and are we the best judges?
CNBC: Tom Huddleston Jr.
How to make a niche business model work: “...once I thought it, I couldn’t un-think it, you know?”
The Pudding: Caroline Sinders
What are dark patterns, and how do companies use them to undermine your power as a consumer?
Companies, customers, cities: Who should be responsible for supporting delivery workers?
Business profs help students explore “gray areas”: “We have 30 extra years. How could we use those years to improve quality of life at all ages?”
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