March 16, 2022
NPR’s Planet Money: Bobby Allyn, David Gura, Paddy Hirsch, Greg Rosalsky
Management, depositors, the Fed, regulators, Congress, former presidents, or lobbyists: Who is responsible for this mess? (also see ‘Absolutely Idiotic’. SVB Insider Says Employees Are Angry With CEO)
The Hustle: Zachary Crockett
A thought exercise: “The incentives for workplace automation are largely financial. So why not start by replacing the highest-paid employee of them all — the CEO?”
Institutional Investor: Michelle Celarier
When culture wars and finance intersect, who pays and how?
The J.M. Kaplan Fund
Applications are open for the J.M. Kaplan Fund’s 2023 J.M.K. Innovation Prize, awarding $175,000 to 10 nonprofits or social entrepreneurs.

The Prize supports early-stage projects with transformative potential in the fields of the environment, heritage conservation, and social justice.

Deadline: April 28th. 
Chicago Booth Review’s Capitalisn’t: Bethany McLean, Luigi Zingales, Martin Wolf
If “market capitalism and liberal democracy rest on the same underlying philosophical values,” how can both be strengthened?
What can we learn about the state of the EV market if we “set aside the projections and the politics and follow the money”?
Vox: Dylan Matthews
What are two Wharton educators learning (and teaching) about working with AI? (also see Welcome to the Big Blur and Let’s Cast a Critical Eye Over Business Ideas From ChatGPT)
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