~ June 9, 2022 ~
Harvard Business Publishing Education: Mihnea Moldoveanu
"The case method has been core to business education ever since its introduction 100 years ago. How should it change to maintain its relevance 100 years from now?" (also see What We Wish We Knew Before Becoming Adjuncts and Need a Coauthor for Your Next Businss Case Study? Look No Further Than Your Students)
USA Today: Matthew McConaughey
"Business as usual isn't working." How can business, government and communities work toward what we truly value? (also see What Would It Mean to Treat Guns the Way We Treat Cars?)
The Guardian: Joanna Partridge
The "world has 10 weeks to find a solution": Complications include incompatible rail lines, mined harbors and war insurance. How would you approach this problem?
Chief Executive: Dale Buss
Ford is all in on EVs. "Will Farley's winning touch extend to his biggest gambit yet?"
The Washington Post: Brian Broome
"Yes, it's capitalism at work, and it's soulless. But it's there." How far have we come, and how can companies do better?
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