June 8, 2023
Harvard Business Review’s Big Idea Series: Reid Blackman
“Companies that develop these technologies need to ask: ‘How do we develop, apply, and monitor them in ways that avoid worst-case scenarios?’” This essay argues for a new approach to risk and technological revolution.
ProPublica: Corey G. Johnson
“What are the fixes? Are there any fixes?”
As activists and stakeholders push investors to account for climate risk, which approaches make a difference?
Poets&Quants: Marc Ethier
“The importance of business in the combat against climate issues will only increase over the next few years”: How are these schools forging the path ahead? (also see Calling All ‘Ecopreneurs’)
Is there a sustainable future for, of all things, plastic?
Behavioral Scientist: Antonia Violante, Evan Nesterak
As schools wrap for the summer, is it time to turn to books that “inform, delight, and inspire”? (also see 2023 Best New Management Booklist)
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