~ June 30, 2022 ~
TIME Magazines Charter: Suein Hwang
The Hustle: Zachary Crockett
How did the Pink Panther upend trademark law, and “how is it possible for a single corporation to call dibs on a color?”
The Walrus: Chris Turner
“It is, rather, the biggest, baddest collective-action problem humanity has ever faced.” What does that mean for solutions?
How can businesses better align workplace incentives with their stated goals? And who is watching the watchers? (also see Teaching Virtues and Values to Accountants)
Modern Farmer: Shea Swenson
We diversify investments, why not our menu? (also see Water Investments Are No Longer Just an Environmental Play)
“We’re all accountable”: How is moving beyond compliance good for schools, business and society? (also see Business Schools Get a Bad Rap and Learning to Use Business as a Force for Good)
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