~ June 16, 2022 ~
Daniels Fund Ethics Initiative
"What are the responsibilities of individual employees with knowledge of potential improprieties? What are the obligations of the organization? How do market pressures create risk?"
The Guardian: Steven Greenhouse
Fortune: Colin Lodewick
Could economic arguments succeed where others have not? (also see Uvalde Parents Are Coming for the Maker of the AR-15 That Killed Their Kids)
Huntsville Business Journal: Marie Johnson
How can companies move "out of the benighted depths of hollow lip service and into the realm of true, concrete measures" for inclusivity? (also see Improving Diversity: Lessons From Business Schools and Pride Month Is a Reminder to Review Your Company's Lobbying)
HBS Working Knowledge: Dan Morrell
"How can understanding happiness, both that of our colleagues and our own, make one a more effective leader?" (for more insight into alternative perspectives, also see Rest of World's 2022 Reading Guide)
Seth's Blog: Seth Godin
What can Wile E. Coyote teach us about the perils of short-term thinking? (also see When Stocks, Houses and Crypto Fall, Where Does All That Money Go?)
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